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Now when i finally registered on forums, i’m going to bump up old topic from HodorTheNinja about Russian localization (Russian translation) and point to some additional bugs.

  1. From HodorTheNinja: Mercenary lvl 10 talent Limb-Splitter “Ногоруб: увеличивает силу клевца на 50%”. This is just incorrect translation, because word “клевца” is accusative case of word “клевец”, which translates to “crowbill” or some kind of warhammer with beak, not to “cleave”. Also, you have translated word “cleave” in Hitting the sweet spor perk as “рассекает”, and thats OK. So correct and consistent translation should be “Ногоруб: увеличивает силу рассечения на 50%”, not “Ногоруб: увеличивает силу клевца на 50%”.
    Also, strictly speaking, there is not such word as “Ногоруб” in russian language, but i think it is OK. Pretty short and every native russian-speaker will understand what it is going for.

  2. From HodorTheNinja: Kerillian character name should be Кериллиан, not Кериллан. Letter “i” translates to “и” and being missed in translation with no reason. We clearly hear from voicelines it should be КериллИАн :slight_smile:

  3. . Should be “Транд бородАча”.

  4. in voice line
    “Bardin: Not bad for a fellow with one eye!|
    Victor: Sigmar guides my strikes, Master Dwarf.|
    Marcus: I wish he’d guide mine. Or better yet, send me a nice cool flagon of ale”
    word “шахтой” (“mine” in English) must be replaced by “мои” (“my” in English). Because in dialog, Marcus actually saying he’d wished Sigmar guide HIS strikes, but in translation Marcus wishes that Sigmar was in control of some MINE (you know, that hole in the ground where miners are gathering ore) :laughing:

  5. lvl 10 row Foot Knight talents are inconsistent with rest of game as “stagger” translated to “оглушение” there, unlike, for example “Back off, Ugly!” and other places in game, where it is translated to “вывод из равновесия”. Also, russian description of Have at thee! is missing elite enemies condition.
    So Staggering force description should be like “Увеличивает эффект вывода из равновесия на 35%” and Have at thee! - “Вывод из равновесия элитного врага увеличивает силу на 15% в течение 10 секунд”

I hope this help to make our beloved game even better!


That ‘mine’ example reeks of machine autotransation XD

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