Glaring errors in the German translation

I play the German version of Vermintide and I´ve come across two rather glaring translation errors.

Barkskin - literal translation:
“Suffered damage reduces suffered damage from other sources by 2% for 40 seconds. Can only be triggered once every 2 seconds.”

Enfeebling flames (Unchained level 25 talent) literal translation:
“Burning enemies does 30% less damage”.

I havent scrutinized many of the texts, as thankfully, I know what most things do due to outside sources like this forum. However for someone just reading game texts, these descriptions are hella confusing. Barkskin has the funtionality backwards and enfeebling flames is plain wrong. I only noticed when a friend asked me about it because he was understandibly stunned that a talent would reduce the damage you do with no upside. Given that I have not played Unchained myself, I had to look up the English description to figure out what it actually does.

I also noticed that the translation had some changes in item descriptions not too long ago, and not for the better (the old description of Mercenary legend skin was way better) and I will keep my eyes open if there is more text like this, but the fact that these two descriptions made it into the game despite beeing completely wrong worries me that there might me more errors in the texts.

I´d say try to get a second person- ideally someone who plays the game and knows the mechanics - to proof read at least the talent and items inscriptions again to avoid stuff like this in the future.


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