Translation issues

There are multiple errors in french localization, especially on Chaos Wastes boons.

In Boon Morr’s protection :

  • Original : Downed allies near you are invincible
  • Translated : Downed ennemies near you are invincible
  • Correct translation : “Les alliés au sol près de vous sont invulnérables”

In Boon Djaf Harvest

  • Original : Landing 3 headshots in a row grants 10% power for some time
  • Translated : Landing 10 headshots in a row grants 3% power for some time

Can’t even fathom how numbers can get mistranslated :person_shrugging:

I’m quite sure there are more, but those were the obvious ones as they made no sense at all. I’ll update if I find more

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Im dying :rofl:

Yeah we played a lot of games avoiding to pick that one…

And Djaf Harvest too, as landing 10 headshots in a row for a mere 3% power bonus seemed kinda lame.

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Found another one. Did not note the title of the boon but it’s the one that either

  • increases reload speed of your ult by 10% or
  • reduces your ult cooldown by 10%

Can’t say for sure as the french translation “increases your ult cooldown by 10%” which is, again, absurd.

At this point, could you please post a json or something like that to proofread the translation of the boons ? After 800h of play, I can safely assume I won’t be missing the point so many times

haha I thought Chinese translation is the only ridiculus one…

bright wizzard level 10 talent:
origin:gain 10% crit when above 80 health
chinese:gain 80% crit when above 10 health

nature bond
origin:recover 1 health every 5 sec
chinese: recover 5health every sec

kaien`s thirst
origin:gain 5% damage reduction at each 20% health lost
chinese:gain 20% damage reduction at each 5% health lost

property of necklace:“push/block angle”—chinese===“Attack/block angle”

There are alot more hilarious tranlations too

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