Confusing (or bugged) descriptions for certain boons

Certain boons do not work the way they seem from the description, and while I don’t remember the names, I remember a few examples. For instance, the weapon trait that’s described as “critical hits heal 5 health” does not grant health, but temp health. This is slightly misleading and while it’s not a big issue it does cause some confusion. Also, one of the miracles (something with an elgi name) - the one where when the last surviving player is downed, it causes them to regain full health and knockback nearby enemies- does not clarify that it is single use and doesn’t work with bots, as if you get downed when all three bots are alive it will use the miracle and instantly revive you. There may be other mislabeled boons and I’ll update this if I find any more when I get a chance to check, but those were two that stood out.

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