Boons and Traits

So after playing a couple of runs now i’ve experience a few issues so far in the game

  1. Almost all boons that are class specific, for example additional tempHP talents aswell as any other talent that you can pick in the main game, does NOT work when you purchase them at the Shrines of Harmony, Fortitude and so on between maps.
    From our testing this does NOT work on Host or Client aswell as it doest not matter which class you are playing or which boon you are taking. If the boon is part of the base kit the class has available it will just simply not work.
    Those same boons do work without any problems tho if you purchase or get them DURING the map itself!

  2. Certain weapon traits you get, mostly new ones, also dont seem to work or atleast don’t have any indicator so it is very hard to actualy tell if they are working or not.
    Those include the stacking headshot damage one, the stacking attackspeed one on kill ( bloodthirst i believe) aswell as some of the other new ones that give you a buff.

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