Question regarding boons & CW weapons


So having played a few expeditions on shade over the last couple of days i noted that i have never seen the “lightning on crit” boon on her, nor have i ever seen the boon for the THP talent that i dont start with.

Are some boons locked for some careers? But i keep getting regeneration and Grimnirs stuff on shade.

It also hit me that some talents would seemingly work or not work at random when obtained from the sage altar/boon altars or even the map shrines but i could never find a pattern to it beyond observing each specific case.

Finally it also struck me as strange that for some reason some attacks seem to drain a ton of stamina in the chaos wastes, i blocked a ungor spear stab with dual daggers and my meager stamina just evaporated. And at another time with dual swords i blocked a gor punch and i went sliding away as if hit by a CW.

Anyone else spotted stuff they felt to be weird?

There are boons which are locked on certain careers like the ammo pickup boons on Sienna because she has not a single set-up where they could even work. Manaan’s Tempest is not in that list though as well as the missing THP talents. Despite it very low rarity there is a tendency to very rarely get the second THP talent. Might just be rng in that regard.

As for boons not working. So far as I got it from reading in the forums, career skills which are bought in the Holseher’s map shrines have a tendency of not functioning. Everything you got during the map should function though as well as CW exclusive boons independent from where they have been acquired.


Probably bad RNG. One of my friends played the only CW run as Shade and got lightning boon as one of his first ones or something. I didn’t get it as Shade even once. I didn’t get it as WHC even once, but seen people getting it as him. Got it once as Handmaiden, that’s it. I haven’t done a ton of runs, but I definitely did like 20~ runs or something.

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RNG is hella weird then, i keep getting the same exotic, rare and unique boons over and over, like the boon that makes you dash on a push…or career talents that do not stack with what i got.

Tons of bomb&potion related talents too.

Then i get into a run and all the others got lightning or explosive crits and i feel like a glorified cheerleader x)

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