Fatshark needs to reconsider turning CW god-boons into weapon traits

It’s not common to get most/all of the god-boons(doubleshot, lightning…etc.); let people have fun.

Especially Taal’s Twinned Arrow, this is game-changing on OE.

I get it, fatshark wants people to random the weapons - but that’s not the way to do it. (simply make it even cheaper to get random weapons)


To be fair, for something like outcast engineer just rolling 1 say lightning or ranged explosion was pretty much enough to solo carry. That is simply too much of an power boost from a single roll. Infinite firing and other goodies were really just the icing on top.
I still reserve my judgement if its a good change until I’ve played it but I can certainly see some economy issues potentially rising from this. Lots of this also depends on the new stuff and what belakors realm gives in terms of power.


after a while i stopped picking most of the broken boons because they are so uterly boring


It’s called power fantasy.

I enable twitch mode so I can adjust it on the fly(like 15 15 200%).

Plenty of other broken combos with less investment; no need to target anything specific(besides the early days of crit lightning).

For example xokhas spam(2-3 on the team, depending on career/talent/20%cdr), some like BH can give the whole team infinite ult with xokhas and 20%, with good aim.

Part of the fun of CW is random rolling a god boon at beginning(or be host, see someone else get it, and disband).

Yeah I tend to enjoy the runs more when I’m not just spectating 1 player having its power fantasy.
Also fun is really subjective here.


That’s the nature of CW - whether someone (or everyone) get godboon is random.

It’s not subjective at all, again “part of the fun.” - it relies on one of the core mechanics of CW(rng).
RNG is kind of the point of CW, of typical roguelike experience.

True and I’m not really against the RNG I’m against the idea the idea that 1 single good rng roll can basically make cata level wastes runs absolute sleeper. What roguelites normally do is balance combination of boons(2-3-4 rolls that have synergy) that elevate you to that godlike status, you rarely get absurd in the first level with single good rng roll.

You also have to remember that there is a 4 player coop game in the bottom, as in you got 4 people who should all contribute to the completion of the run.

Again fun here is subjective, you can disagree with this all you want but I’m certainly not alone with this view and clearly this change is being made with this mindset in mind. Getting a good weapon roll is simply way harder and happens way later than just hopping to first boss box or shrine.

Again if its good or not will remain to be seen.


Which is why I enable twitch mode. (that mode exists and is easily accessible without even having to stream yourself, so that should be taken into account when “balancing”)

If I or someone get godboons, I turn up the difficulty on the fly. (rework on shieldbreaker…etc. was a mistake imo)

A single god boon isn’t really enough to make anything absurd(certainly not enough to overshadow the 3 other players); nowhere near the level of ranger’s parting gift + morgrim anyway. For example, as far as I know - nobody with a single god boon on first map can out-dps a burn-build BW against monsters or hordes.

All the godboons won’t help if someone got ledged or something by storm/assassin. Most of that ranged damage is countered by rampart anyway so it’s not really instant “I win” button.

Not subjective; it’s possible to see random boon shrine at beginning of the run where it’s impossible for players to have acquired enough coins during that run(so it needs carryover from previous run), that’s there for the gamble. This is by design. You may complain all you like but such is CW. Taking godboons out of the pool takes the fun out of it. (not to mention the minuscule chance of getting more than one)

Not like this game hasn’t had anything that fuels gambling addiction before(red weapons in lootboxes). /s

Also possible reason for some of the changes:

While in principle I wouldn’t agree, in practice I will - because even now the chance of getting great combos is not that great and once they are moved to the weapons, it’s gonna be really once in a month.

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This is one of better changes, one stupid powerfull boon is enough.


Changing god-boons into weapon traits is a brilliant idea by Fatshark as it has a double effect. On one side it means that these traits are only available for the later part of the expedition but it also means that they are mutally exclusive as you only have one trait at a time.

Chaos Wastes was never meant as power-fantasy but as a increasing challenge where the player does increase in power equally. However, the player could very easily outpace the challenge, especially if he got an early overpowered boon or even multiple (and the chance for that was pretty high). This makes Chaos Wastes an utterly boring experience for the other players. The fun for the whole group should always be priorized over the “fun” of a single member of a four person group. Everything else is horrible design in a co-op game.

As such I support this boon to trait change to 100 % and hope that the list we’ve seen is not complete and one or two additional boons will be converted to traits.


I think it’s a terrible idea just because the last thing Fatshark should be doing is removing boons. There’s already far too few of them in the pool to make a really satisfying roguelike. The only runs that really stand out are the ones where you get ludicrously overpowered. All of the others are tend towards a very samey, rather dull experience because boons don’t tend to really be transformative for your build. They tend to either be basically ignorable or they overpower your normal build.

I would much rather have seen them nerf some of the more OP boons with proc limiters and the like. Sticking them on weapons doesn’t seem like a solution that effectively addresses the issues of the game mode.


Then remove infinite morgrim’s.

Not true.

You can get morgrim’s bomb as early as 2nd stage with ranger’s parting gift.
The whole team can random xokhas and just ult-spam the rest of the game, making it easy mode.
First stage can give 20% cdr and BH with decent aim will just erase monsters that don’t have rampart.
There is basically zealot-as-boons(10s invulnerability when dropping under 10% hp, for example - and this is better than zealot’s passive as it prevents you from getting interrupted/hurt by further hits, allowing you to build up thp, and has better cooldown; and the upcoming scaling damage reduction based on missing hp)
…etc. There are plenty of powerspikes that can be acquired very early if not at start of the game(again there can be 200 carryover coins for one to roll for random boon at beginning of first map).

Putting twin arrows on weapon trait means it can’t exist alongside scrounger, which means merc kruber can’t spam infinite machinegun(which isn’t op, just something randomly fun to do) with 1-in-5 crit. It kills the viability of some of the “builds”(which are not necessarily powerful, but they’re varieties that can’t be seen in base campaign…etc. gameplay).

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Yes that would be good fix to. A lot of stupid broken things need to be fixed.

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Or turn on twitch mode.

Xokha’s spam is a bug that is due fixing.

They are moving only a few of them (arguably the most powerful) and adding 31 new boons, so that seems to go in the right direction.