The boon that procs explosions on ranged crits is too strong – it completely trivializes the game if your build can proc crits often enough

This footage was captured on Cataclysm: ranged explosions are OP

Here are the things that make the boon OP in my opinion:

  • The explosions do boss-level stagger
  • The explosions do much more damage than is stated in the tooltip (30% of the damage of the ranged attack that procced the explosion)
  • The explosion doesn’t have a cooldown

The boon itself is fine as is.

Its synergy with certain careers (Pyro’s overall high crit stacking; BH’s crits) or certain talents (Engi’s Leading Shots) is too strong and would justify changes like internal cooldowns. Also, it synergizes too well with that boon that grants 100% crits for 3s after taking (self)damage.

Yes, these are the builds it’s easiest to abuse with, but I suspect there might be more, like Waystalker with a Swiftbow.
In any case, even when the boon doesn’t proc as often, the boss-level stager alone might be enough to make it OP.

Can confirm this, i shot an assassin with a light longbow shot and it blew a stormvermin next to it (full health one) to pieces.

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It currently uses the frag grenade as a damage profile. If it did 30% of the attack damage of the attack as in the description it would be more in line with other effects.

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Truth is anything that proc on crit is busted right now


Like has been said before, it’s what it synergies with that trivialises combat, and that’s fine, that’s the entire point of these boons.

I once had the boon that gave me an extra arrow for every shot and the boon that gave me an extra shot for trueshot volley- I also had the one that made sure I always blocked regardless whenever my melee weapon was out.
As a result, I was an unstoppable engine of destruction, which was also neccessary when the map was cursed with Tzeentchian twins and sent beastmen at us.


Seriously. Thats kind of the whole gimmick of CW.


I don’t think it’s a huge deal. CW seems more like a fun mode than a serious one. Sometimes you get stupid lucky, sometimes you get screwed.


I agree. I don’t see why we have to balance a mode like this unless something is completely broken. I’d prefer if fatshark fixed getting random boons that are incompatible with your character. For example bloodfletcher when you use moonfire bow.


OTOH, the number of games where you get lackluster stuff is IME a lot higher. It’s about coping with what you get - and no guarantee you will be getting something really good like this, especially the combo.

E.g. if you get the trial choice “every block counts as parry”, will you take it hoping for one of those fantastic synergies or will you get something that’s immediately useful?

It’s your choice not to swap the bow, I presume.

Many of these effects would benefit from internal cd:s. The boon itself is perfectly fine until we give it to something like engineer.

To be honest it completely trivializes the content if the right career gets it.

They shouldn’t be nerfed. The whole point of CW boons is the sheer insanity and power fantasy of them. Do you hate having fun?


When the fun is watching engineer,pyro,bh etc literally solo cata content? Yeah I really do hate having fun.

Also it would not be problematic if combination such as this required say 2-3 boons to be extremely powerful but right now its literally pick the x classes who can abuse crit and play them in hope of getting chain lightning, explo shot, etc.
I don’t find that enjoyable, it kills any sort of careers who cannot abuse crit to the fullest not to mention it makes those few careers literally unstoppable with just 1 lucky roll that might happen in the first map of the run.

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Well good to know the arguments here are still as good as before.

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Yep, the problem with this boon is that only the boon owner is having fun, while his three teammates are watching him nuke stuff. I’ve been on the other side of this, and it wasn’t pleasant.

After we finished the game where I recorded the above video, we started a new run and one of my teammates said “If you get that boon again, I’ll quit, I swear to god!”


I think the thread title should be longer. I want to know if there is a limit on what is shown.

Also, fun is only fun when all have fun.

Just remove the stagger and it’s fine! (or nerf it.)

This stagger makes even cataclysm easy.
No need for other talents/crit.
Just this and gatling gun makes you a god against anything even patrols and monsters.
You can pin all monsters against a wall with gatling…

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