Sienna's staffs and criticals

While I know that some of Sienna’s ranged attacks won’t have increased damage due to criticals, can the criticals actually be triggered for the purpose of traits etc?

What I’m interested in is:

  • Fireball RMB
  • Flamestorm, both attacks - if so, how often per enemy in the flame?
  • Beam shotgun - if so, per enemy or per shrapnel?
  • Conflagration RMB


Conflag AOE does not crit, thus will not trigger crit based traits

Beam shotgun mode will crit (on an individual mob hit basis) and works well with Heatsink but I still like Thermal Equalizer better as it is less rng reliant

Flame throwers (staff and drake) see beam shotgun. The staff doesn’t shoot a cone of fire, it shoots invisible hit boxes. You can hear/see/guess when it ticks based on the mobs being pushed back. Crits will trigger heatsink, but again Thermal is better imo.

Fireball aoe…should not crit, barrage is better for added dmg from spamming fireballs, but I realllllly like Thermal…

These are based on pre 2.0 build, I’m pretty sure the proc rules haven’t changed, someone (NOT the OP…) correct me if the devs changed the mechanics of Fire weapons.

Fairly certain the initial damage from Conflag does crit. Like 100% certain. Fireball Also crits. You seem to be confusing DoT damage with the initial hit.

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I know for sure the AOE does not crit, what initial hit? Everything within the circle is lit up, previous build guides has stressed that the conflag does not crit.

I wasn’t sure about the fireball aoe critting, no builds recommended crit as a viable trait, it made sense to me that the charged fireball would not crit.

The individual fireshots critting makes sense (LMB) but the RMB shouldn’t, at least not on conflag. It works better with 30% power vs something to reduce horde size anyways.

It will, crit refund works, same for other crit bassed

If you hear something that seems odd (like weapon not critting), you should always test it yourself. You can either test in the keep or in modded realm. Conflag has multiple “hits” on its AOE. I couldnt say for sure if the outer ring crits. I know the inside ring does, though.

I did some research, if the conflag procs crits now, it certainly didn’t before a certain date when the change was made. Most people follows the weapon loadout guides on steam forums. The consensus was that Thermal is more reliable, so that was my entire mindset. From personal experience, I found myself shotgun blasting on average more using beam staff/drake pistols with Thermal over Heatsink.

There were occasions where Heatsink procced a lot and gave me 1-2 more blasts but just wasn’t reliable enough for me, I’d rather keep track of a solid number of uses before I need to switch than me guessing.

So with that, I still prefer thermal equalizer on all flame based weapons. Barrage can be argued for flame throwers, but I don’t use flame throwers, no sniping advantage.

Fireball crits. It has a low rate of fire though so the value of Heat Sink is very RNG - you can easily fill your heat bar without any procs.

Flamethrower crits, but at 0 bonus damage. This lets it proc traits. Heat sink is useless though because the charge up and the attack are separate, so there’s nothing to refund. Barrage still works.

I haven’t tested conflag lately can’t answer, sorry.

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As far as traits go, if you play Pyro properly, you should get more value out of Heat Sink. I do not run Thermal with any build on pyro. With Fireball, Barrage is substantially better than thermal. It is a little more hp intensive because you have to vent more frequently. However, it did roughly 20% more dps than Thermal or Heat Sink in 1.6. I haven’t tested it now because it isn’t remotely close with the free overheat on special killing talent. Keep in mind, Barrage gives you 25% more stagger and cleave as well because it is raw power. On Conflag, Heat Sink is the best option for Pyro if you want to min/max. Thermal is fine if you don’t want to have to micro-manage your overheat.

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