Need some help with Flamestorm staff

What counts as a crit on it? When I use the charge attack on on the dummy I have green and yellow damage numbers, but they are both the same damage. I know it crits because I have heatsink on it, and I can see it clear up heat, so it does crit.

Problematic when im trying to figure out how much damage i can do with different builds and critpower differences. Also should this maybe be in the Bug category? I have no clue…

I’m not sure what you are asking here.
If you say you can see that you crit because heatsink triggers, than you know it crits, right?
Though flamestorm doesn’t exactly benefit from crit without those bonuses.

As in i mean, i dont know why it doesnt do more dmg when it crits, or even if it is a crit.

I believe it simply has no bonus crit damage. As in it’s critical damage == it’s non-critical damage.

That is incredibly annoying :frowning:


I noticed the same thing… Not sure if it’s intentional or not. Even without crits it puts out some serious damage.

It is indeed not bad, but it is one of the reasons why people choose other staffs over the flamestorm, IMO.

I love it when I’m tanking with my flame thrower and sienna whips out her flame staff. I haven’t tried that dynamic above veteran but damn it is fun…

My dude, it is so good on Legend hordes. If you have one melee for the shields/armoured enemies everything just melts.
2x Elites and All elite enemies is so much fun with Flamestormstaff.

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