Flamestorm staff crits

So what’s the point of Flamestorm staff crits? They don’t do any extra damage, they only proc Resourceful Sharpshooter maybe once per full charge, it doesn’t proc Heat Sink at all… I mean… I know it’s not very good, but why can’t it be? The only thing I think it does is go through armor for crits. Is Fatshark doing anything about this weapon that no one uses? Seems like they should just take it out of the game.

The posts saying it’s OP definitely outnumber the posts saying it’s weak atm.
Why does it need crits?
There’s plenty of other staves pyro can use.

I’m not saying it NEEDS crits. I’m just asking what the point of them is. They literally do the same amount of damage as a regular hit.

Does this mean that it is always critting, or not critting at all? :thinking:


Neither. It crits normally, but its Crit modifier is 1 (or 0, I’m not certain about the markup), so crits do the same damage as normal hits. So its crits are meant to be just a vessel for Traits to proc, but the way its heat generation works means Heat Sink doesn’t really work (as its heat is generated during the charge, not the firing - well, for the long flame anyway; the quick burst isn’t really that good usually anyway, and certainly won’t crit often enough) and resourceful’s internal cooldown means it cannot proc often enough to be really useful.

To be honest, with stacked crit chance it used to be just horrible when using Heat Sink before the Trait’s rework, as it quite easily (even off Pyro) could reduce one’s Heat way more than it ever generated. Same, of course, applied to Resourceful. Unfortunately, now there’s really no crit-based Traits worth using on heat weapons (even if they used to be too good).

Taking a weapon completely out of the game isn’t really a good idea. In this particular case, the weapon is extremely good at what it does, but its niche is kinda useless and it gives up a lot for its power. There are people who like it, though (as can be inferred from all the complaints about flamethrower users - it’s functionally the same as Bardin’s Drakegun, after all, but people seem to forget that quite often). In particular, BW can mitigate the long charge time and use the staff in a lot more hectic situations than the others, and Pyro can compensate for the lack of range with he Burning Head.


I was just being facetious, but I appreciate the insight.

Thought you might be, but honestly, you can never really be sure in the Internet…

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It really is hard lol. I just go by Poe’s Law::

“Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is utterly impossible to parody a Creationist in such a way that someone won’t mistake for the genuine article.”


Try using it with a strength potion and watch those CWs melt away :slight_smile:

Honestly I think it’s in an okay spot. True crits don’t do much in terms of traits or extra damage, but that would make the weapon a bit OP. It is simply a weapon that doesn’t do well with a crit build; or put a different way, there are more effective builds than crit.

I’d honestly kind to see more weapons like this, instead of the “crit build is hands down the best” situation we have going on with basically all melee weapons. The nerf to scrounger and heatsink helped for ranged but we really need some better trait alternatives to those and swift slaying for melee.

They trigger crit traits/talents and they hurt CWs whereas regular hits can’t. That’s about it really.

Personally I think they should do slightly higher damage than normal hits. At the very least to armoured enemies and bosses.

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