Burning Head Sienna build is crazy!

I never really realized how OP burning head is, until stumbling across this guy:

So he had beam staff and obviously ran Resourceful Sharpshooter + either Exhaust or Fiery Heart. I don’t think this guy ever used RMB on hordes when beaming. He just stacked ult and kept throwing it again and again.

This craziness is only possible thanks to Resourceful Sharpshooter and Beam staff combination, so I think Sharpshooter as well as Heat Sink need some tweaking to work more evenly for different heat weapons (staffs and Bardin stuff). But for now I am definitely gonna try abusing the hell out of them, and suggest you guys to do the same. Cause fun! :smiley:

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I think you mean the cooldown of the special ability needs some tweaking because a few other builds rely on these other factors to perform “decent” Pyro is just currently a bit ridiculously tuned to synchronize absurdly well with beam staff, talents etc. It’d be a shame if they hurt all of sienna’s other builds specs talent setups just to fix Pyro.


When I say tweaking, I mean tweaking, not nerfing like you obviously do. Imho both of these traits need some improvements for Fireball and Conflagration staffs, as well as some nerfs for other ones. I think the percentage should be unique for each staff and for charged and regular attacks, else the traits will either be crazy good or crazy bad on some of them.

This way other builds that rely on other weapons do not get hurt. But yeah, probably Burning Head needs com CD increase, say like 10%.


This I can agree with but none of that was clear from your previous message so it’s important to lure out more discussion to clarify your intent.

I think from a coding perspective rolling back the lowered cd on burning head would be better personally but with the crit passive and synergy of crit, beamstaff’s high-tick-low-heat rate and Pyro’s low F cooldown that’s where you get a lot of the crazy benefits that Pyro is capable of easily abusing.

You can just ask, you know. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s a discussion forum. I wasn’t being rude and your follow up was a nice elaborate reply, I see no issue here unless you easily take offense but that’s a different topic entirely and doesn’t aid the discussion in any way.

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Wait… you didn’t know about this? :slight_smile: Have fun with the build then :slight_smile: .

It is strong but not the strongest for Sienna. But it is alot of fun.

But I do agree that it does need tweaking. Just a simple nerf to resourceful Sharpshooter would be enough really. Change how it works or something. For example how many times it can procc. Not sure what else you could do.

Yeah but that would end up “nerfing” it for every class which would NOT be a good thing. Its only very synergistic with Pyro because of how beam staff works and her already low cooldown.
Personally I feel best fix would be a very slight increase to her CD.
Even without resourceful and beam her(Pyro) CD is just a bit too quick.
Maybe increase 10% or so like @NikKotovski said.
IMHO its not stupidly OP or anything.

I love playing Sienna and I usually like having a Sienna on my team.
I have prob put the majority of my playtime in with her.
The rest I usually play Kruber merc/huntsman.
Play a little elf too.
Seems weird WS cooldown is a bit slower than Pyro for a fairly similiar active skill.


Sienna/Pyromancer is unbelievably boring to have on your team, the constant burning head spam is getting obnoxious at this point, and of course the auto aim design encourages bad habbits.

Can’t wait for auto kick mods to no longer play with sienna/pyro. :>

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I take it you don’t like having a WS on your team either?

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Burning head does have a fairly low cooldown with proper combination of perks and trait, nothing new there. I feel that synergy of on proc traits and beam staff may need a second look at.
I am not sure what is so eye-opening on the OP screenshot. Seems like a normal Sienna game where her party allowed her to dps properly.

Somehow after playing about 400 hours this is the first time I met this build. Probably too much playing with friends or Unchained.

Not sure about being strongest or not, but I definitely started relying on teammates more if after taking Fiery Heart, cause I couldn’t solo clear the whole wave at close range anymore. With this build u need to stay at a distance and hope that your team deal with random close-range threats. But the damage output is just crazy!

As for Exhaust, I didn’t find it very different from Heat Sink build.

That would be the simplest solution, probably the best, cause it wouldn’t nerf anything besides this abusive combination.

WS doesn’t have Beam staff, so she can’t spam her ult that much.

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Those numbers hardly warrant a nerf. Especially when any competent DPS can hit 11k+ on legend depending on the map. Should we nerf them too?

A good Sienna plays with her team, a bad Sienna chases kills. Most people who complain about Sienna, probably enjoy being carried by her and don’t belong in legend.


The problem is not about damage values. Compare ranged+melee kills to total kills. How do you think, what caused them?

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Then call a spade a spade, and make the argument about ranged vs melee(which has been discussed a lot). Or, make your own lobby with friends and do ‘melee only’. It’s fun, and challenging.


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I don’t know why you’re facepalming. You’re saying her ult is OP, but her numbers aren’t much higher than yours. Does she get ult really fast? Yes, but so do other classes as well. Ever watch a good shades ult meter? Or a FK Kruber?


Agree. Seems like a lot of the time DPS doing their job and people call for nerfs.
If dps can not put out a lot of damage whats the point? Theyre so squishy they need something to balance that.
I agree it sucks when you have range still spamming when they should be in melee with the rest of the group.
IMHO the trick to being a good ranged DPS player is knowing when to use ranged/when to go melee.

I not arguing this specific combination is not slightly OP. I agree it is.

Again…simplest solution IMHO is an increase on Pyros active cooldown.
Why mess with the trait that other classes may use.

What’s amusing is he’s complaining about a build that isn’t even her strongest.

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