Video of Pyromancer with Resourceful Sharpshooter Beam Staff and Exhaust vs Legend Horde

Got 5% Crit on staff and trinket, along with power vs infantry on staff and charm. Talents are 32221.
A lot of people (and Fatshark apparently) still seem to think that this isn’t overpowered or bugged, and while I admit there are times when other staves are better, being able to refill your ult in a second or two, making overcharge irrelevant with exhaust ult, does seem pretty ridiculous. Please watch the video for yourself before replying. By simply wiggling your laser beam back and forth over a mass of fleshy enemies, you will get crazy ult recharge.


The problem here isn’t the staff…

Its the 40 second CD on the Insta-Kill button of Burning Head… which wipes out a field of enemies every 40 seconds… without aiming, headshots, or skill.

There is no way in hell that type of Ult should ever have been at 40 seconds… THATS an Ult that belongs at 3 Minutes not the Kruber Merc or WHC.

If this Ult was set to the same CD as EVEN Waystalkers 75 seconds there’s no way in hell they’d be able to do that and constantly launch Burning Head.

Beam staff is actually pretty weak. At least the Beam Portion is. That’s supposed to be the Sniper Weapon for Sienna, but when its abused like that it completely negates all the other staves. The Normal left click for that staff is SUPPOSED to be the actual CC portion requiring close range… but its rarely ever used because of this.

Basically they just use the Talent on the weapon for 2% CD reduction per crit, and then wave it back and forth over enemies generating numerous crits… which do almost no damage… but almost instantly fill up Burning Head to be launched over and over again.


I’d say it’s more that the beam staff lands a hit instantly when it touches a target. You can do this exact thing on a boss by twitching the crosshair off and on it.
One could argue that holding the beam on it for the scaling damage would be more beneficial, but one could also argue that constantly staggering it with Burning Head is.


Where do I start… first of all nice video. It shows exactly how weak that build is. Do you see how far back you had to retreat just to deal with a simple horde? WS with hagbane would not have had to move an inch. That entire horde would of been dead in less than half the time it took you. Or, Sienna with pretty much any other weapon would of cleared it faster as well.

I don’t understand how you think this is “overpowered and bugged”. It’s working exactly how it’s designed. Except for some reason, RSS takes off 2 seconds from cooldown instead of 2%. If it was 2% if would be a lot more useful on other classes with longer cooldowns and not so effective on classes like Pyro. But that’s another topic.

Each time you do that beam staff wiggle, you’re hitting maybe 500-700 damage per second until you get your ultimate ability back. That is extreme low damage, the lowest in the game. Now you got your ULT which hits maybe 6-8 trash enemies or one heavy. It will hit for 4675 damage on a normal hit at 600 hero power, please note I have 10% skaven charm on which I think affects the dummies in the keep. Or 12,825 damage on a head shot. Do you think this damage is Overpowered? For comparison, using the bolt staff, you can hit 9,325 damage with it’s right click attack that also deals AoE. Except you can throw out that 9,325 damage every second. As has been said many times before, this damage is not OP. A single shot from Salty boi’s crossbow will out damage you. I mean, my elf with the longbow can bang out 12k damage. And, if the WS’s ult crits, which it nearly always does if you stack crit, she can hit up to 36k damage… Not to mention that ULT heatseeks targets the same as Sienna’s burning head. EVERYTHING I DON’T LIKE IS OP, PLEASE NERF!!!

Elf Longbow OP

Oh, and btw, with a CDR build on the WS, you can throw out her special every 5-7 seconds. But yea, you’re right. SIENNA IS OVERPOWERED

Also, it’s not a bug and working as intended, this is from one of the 8 threads about this beamstaff that have been made in the last month.


Yet still weaker, less impactful, and worse DPS than a single arrow OR period of sustained melee from any other class … Jfc…


Ya I get the “working as intended” part. I don’t think it should be intended though.
I’m well aware of all the other class’ stuff you mentioned. I’ve got all the classes leveled up and redded out and plenty of legend experience on all.

Your maths and training dummy pics are pretty irrelevant when I’ve provided in game video of clearing an entire horde practically solo with minimal effort. Show me a video of your “overpowered” stuff on other classes doing similar in actual maps and then you may have an argument.

“Backing up” isn’t really an issue. I could show you more video of doing the same while stationary, while surrounded, etc etc but you’d just find something else trivial to argue about. I could have just stood in place but bots would have moved in meleeing earlier.

I run with some pretty good players, and I’m significantly out killing/damaging them with minimal skill required to run pyro. I just don’t think it is justified. I mean why did they bother nerfing the crit on beam staff back in March if you can just get the same thing by wiggling the laser around? It seems more like “intended” here means they don’t have a fix for the wiggle, so they’re just leaving it in.

yet somehow I’m topping kills and damage consistently clearing legend, and not even trying hard, and I don’t even play pyro that much. I personally prefer Unchained and think it is an allround better class, but this pyro is requires no skill for the amount of kills it brings.

I mean, it is practically a solo horde clear in 40 seconds with no risk and no ammo limitation. Show me any video of another class clearing a horde like that in 20 seconds to support your argument.

I don’t understand your obsession with big numbers on training dummies. First, Bows are limited by ammo. and you actually have to aim. Second your bow could hit for 100k and it wouldn’t make a difference except on bosses. You either kill something in one hit or you don’t

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You’ve obviously never played with a good waystalker lol. I have never been out killed or out-damaged by a pryo when I play seriously with the WS.

Is that picture actually from a legend game? You all have low damage…

I don’t feel like typing this out again, so I’ll just link you to one of the many replies. You can see screen shots of my normal games on legend. The WS with a hagbane will vastly out kill and out damge your CDR Sienna. While still being the 2nd fastest boss killer in the game. With Shade using concentration potion being the 1st fastest killer.

And this is where you lose all credibility. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Bows are not limited by ammo on the WS… She regens ammo and using her ULT with the bow out gives you anywhere from 6-18+ ammo when it crits. And that’s without using the lvl 25 talent which gives you back 20% of you ammo everytime you use it. Although you can build a CDR build with RSS and use that if you really wanted I guess. I don’t… Using the hagbane, I can solo a boss and CC lock a horde at the same time if I have enough room to dodge.

As for your, “you either kill something or you don’t”. You’re the one here arguing about her being overpowered. I’m showing you that the WS ULT, which you don’t have to aim, it auto aims like Sienna’s burning head, hits 3x the damage and kills 3x the enemies as it is spread into 3 shots that can all hit different enemies in a perfect shot. Not to mention, it doesn’t stop when it hits a Stormvermin like Sienna’s ULT, it keeps going and can kill up to 5 Stormvermin. At least that’s the most I’ve seen killled with 1 WS ULT.

No, just take a WS, equip hagbane. Go do the exact same thing you did with Sienna. Right click and fire charged shots into the horde. Make sure you jump on some of the shots to land hits in the back as well. Not only does the hagbane CC the horde so it can’t move forward, but it kills much fastest. You can basically stun lock that entire horde at the gate and not let them outside.


Look I get you’re trolling hard but lets be serious. I play Waystalker a lot too, and I tend to get massive green circles as well. But Waystalker you have to aim, manage ammo, and put yourself in melee from time to time. I think Waystalker is perfectly balanced for the skill required to play her.

“You all have low damage” - this is either the most ignorant, or most trollish nonsense I’ve read today. This is the damage required to clear the map we were on, Fort IIRC. On a current gen I7 1080TI host, not slowed down. I got twice the damage of any other player, without even trying. They have low damage because I killed most everything before they had a chance to attack anything.

I get that Shade is fastest boss killer, and I think that’s fine. I get that WS is powerful so I think that is fine. WS can get ammo back ya, but she still has to deal with ammo, and she can run out. You don’t have infinite ranged all the time like you do with Exhaust Pyro. It isn’t a valid comparison. There’s a difference in kind, not degree.

Doing 30k or 100k to a non-boss enemy doesn’t matter if it dies in 10k. Hagbane is good against bosses and hordes, not so good against armored enemies and specials, not as good as Burning Head though. Show me a video of your Waystalker ult cooldown build spamming Trueshot into hordes clearing hordes and you’ll have an argument.

You claimed that some other class could clear a horde in half that time. The time it took me was about 40 seconds, with no skill, with no ammo usages. Show me a video (not a blog post) of some other class clearing a horde in 20 seconds. Right now you don’t have any evidence to support your argument, and I know from my personal experience that you aren’t correct. So you don’t have an argument.

You lose.

Since you like troll memes, here’s one for you:


The girls are laughing at you, you see. Don’t you feel awful?

You can keep writing blog posts, but unless you show me video and scoreboards, you’ve got no evidence to support your argument, so I can ignore them.

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I don’t know what you are trying to prove here. However, I guess you did a good job of taking down a relatively weak horde, with no specials, elites, or bosses. I would like to see this in a real game. Maybe then, I might even consider hearing you out. Or better yet, I would love to see you do this in a true solo legend run. If she is as OP as you say it is. Even then it means little, since this is a co op game, and not a freaking pvp type game.

Essentially, what I am trying to say here, is that this means nothing.


Lol, nice I’m sure smoker will take the bait.

Inb4 thread lockdown :slight_smile:

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Obviously not enough or you wouldn’t think the Pyro is capable of out preforming her with a beam staff.

No it’s not. If you were playing nearly any other class, your damage would of been way higher. That’s the point I was trying to get across.

I guess you didn’t read the link I posted. Of course you didn’t, because you obviously believe you’re correct and don’t want to see any evidence that would state otherwise. So I’ll go ahead and re-post this,

“Also, anyone can do well with a ranged character when they are competing against mostly melee classes. Here’s a match from the other night on Champion, I know champion and Legend are a completely different ball game. But here you can see that a range char with CC can easily kill the majority of the mobs before the party even gets a chance to engage.”

Of course you out damaged and out killed them. You were playing with two melee characters and a obviously terrible elf or one that joined late in the game.

Again, you’re either not as good as you think you are, or you simply do not have the class spec’d out properly. I have never ran out of ammo with the hagbane, even when I’ve spammed left click into a rat orge to finish it off quicker so I could go ress my team mates.

Take the 30% cool down lvl 25 trait and a 10% cool down trinket at least if you want to talk about being OP. You’re playing her so mediocre… You could of killed them even faster and overcharge isn’t an issue due the temp HP she gets. If you’re gonna try and show something off as being OP, at least do it properly.

Again, you’re the one who brought up her being over powered, I was simply showing you that she does far less damage than most other classes. And again, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Hagbane is amazing on specials, 3 quick left clicks into a leech and then switch back to the horde, boss, w/e you were doing before. It also CC locks ratling gunners and flamethrowers so they stop attacking. 3 shots also kill a stormvermin and the hagbane can CC lock an entire patrol. But ok, yea, sure, burning head is better /sarcasm

You’re the one on here claiming the beamstaff ult combo is OP. How about you go do some research. As I said before, equip the hagbane and go do the exact same thing you did in that video.

Jokes on you, I’m into that kinda stuff. Don’t kink shame me…

Again, you obviously didn’t read the link I sent, so I’ll repost it again,

You know me so well baby <3


Your cute little video appears to not be working, but as others have posted tons of similar videos earlier, I am quite sure it holds nothing new. A pyro beam CDR build is truly one of the weaker things you can do with Pyro, and it is far weaker than what other careers do as well.

If you think killing a horde in 40 seconds is something special you just demonstrate the depth of your lack of knowledge of this game.

Allow me to educate you.

WS with longbow:

Pyro with Fireball staff, NON cdr build:

Shade, a melee class:

Zealot, a melee class:

I could go on and post similar for BH and others. The result is the same regardless. You haven’t the faintest idea what you are talking about. This so called no-skill CDR build of yours performs far, far worse than other builds and staves on Sienna, and performs worse than other careers.

If you so easily outplay the guys you play with, with this build (and this build alone?) may I suggest that they, nor you, are quite as good as you think. If you (or they) have the skill, it is incredibly easy to outperform the beam cdr build.


Except as many users have proven here, beam staff CDR an’t OP. Unless you can provide us with a scenario in which pushes this build to its fullest.

Showcasing a weak horde with no specials, elites, bosses; or any other usual shenanigans the AI throws at you, is not sufficient enough.


No. I would suggest rereading the thread. If you think the beam staff Sienna build is OP, you obviously have very little understanding of the core mechanics of the game or very little playtime overall. The only scenario in which she would out preform you is if you’re playing a melee focused character. And even then, a good shade, slayer, HM, or zealot can do just as well, if not better. And they won’t die as easily. The only way this build can do the best, is if everyone just stands back and lets the pyro kill everything.

We were merely showing that when you compare her to any other class or even another build on the same character, she is no where near as good as people think she is.

I don’t even understand his point. He claims she is over powered, I show him that other classes actually do more damage, he then goes on about how damage isn’t important? lol wut?

Again, here is how much damage you do while beam staff wiggling across targets to get your ult. And no, that’s not 1000 damage up the top, it’s 100 damages stack ontop of each other.


It’s laughable… Then you throw out the ULT, which kills 6-8 enemies and somehow it’s OP? Salty boi with his repeater bow can fire into a horde and kill 3x as many mobs and not lose any ammo with his talent, as a matter of fact, he gains ammo with scrounger trait.


Continue this holy crusade smoker. You have my undying support! Pyromancer shall not be touched!


The point is that beam cdr build is not even close to being the strongest build for Pyro, nor compared to other careers.

Anyone who comes across the Beam CDR build and thinks they have found something really good, hell, think they have found something broken and OP, are just showing that they lack the playtime and skill to know better. Pyro can be built to do SO much better than this build, it’s not even funny. Other careers easily outperform this build.

That is the point being made.


I don’t even know why I care… Sienna is my least played character, I think she’s lvl 36 or something lol… I personally don’t like her. I just can’t understand how people can come on here and claim her beamstaff CDR is OP, when it really isn’t…

Edit: People really flagged this for me insulting myself so I had to delete it? God damn you guys are sensitive.


I don’t care either lol. Only hero I do enjoy using is Handmaiden. When I do get to play Sienna, I only use battle wizard with mace, and some stupid staff to accompany her.

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