Sienna pyromancer Ult cooldown

So, pyros ult is pretty good, It tanks the health on enemies but the ult itself isn’t really the problem here, It’s the rate at which you can get this ability, like ive seen people say pyro isn’t as good for crowds as battle wizard for example but that is just completely wrong in my opinion, You can even get to the point where you use the ult so much that the animation glitches and leaves you not doing anything for like 2 seconds.

Like, It’s sort of ridiculous in my opinion, I do love using it and all but come on, that thing should down be able to regen in like 2 seconds without even drinking a conc potion, you can basically wipe out hordes and pats with it.

The video below will show you exactly what i mean, and i know some people are probably going to be mad and act like that it is just part of her kit which is some what true but you can do it way to quick, especially due to the higher crit chance when you build up overcharge.

Here is a video of what i mean, It’s like my team doesn’t even get a chance for some of the fun. Also, i know the quality might not be the best.


Here we go again…
There have been so many threads about this already.
Fatsharks current stance on this from what I have read is: As of right now its intended but theyre going to be looking into after some supposed big balance patch.
If you search through the numerous threads on this topic I am sure you will find hedges response or someone who quoted his response.


There have already been many threads about this (like Video of Pyromancer with Resourceful Sharpshooter Beam Staff and Exhaust vs Legend Horde).
Some people say, it’s op, some say it’s not, because there are better options out there like hagbane, which which you can even stunlock hordes and so on.

The worst thing about this is pretty much, that it’s just a stupid way to play. It requires no skill, no aiming, no anything, every idiot with a golden beam staff and the correct trait can pull it off as long as you can wiggle your mouse non stop (but there’s already a thread about that, too (edit: found it -> Beam Staff: Proc Interactions).

Guess we’ll just wait and see, what fs does or does not :smiley:

Btw I almost never see siennas doing this, maybe people find it too boring after some time :D.


Playing like that is tantamount to admitting you’re completely incompetent at the game and can’t run anything else effectively.


I see a lot of beam staff players doing very similar stuff to this. I’m not sure why its considered to be something an unskilled player does, the best players tend to exploit every game mechanic they can.

Personally it lowers my opinion of the game, I don’t like playing using it, or playing with players who are, but that’s only my opinion.


Funny that you say that, considering sienna is my least played character out of all of them, and playing like that is just one of the most fun things to do with that character, I use to always run bolt or fire ball staff because I actually had fun with them but then had more fun with the beam, my bad for playing my least played character just to prove something and have some fun not to mention thats its actually a very viable thing to do.

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It’s stupid but also ineffective, slow DPS. There aren’t many times in a match where the best thing to do in terms of DPS is wiggle the beam. You do it if there’s a CW and there’s a good chance you can get off a full Critical Mass BH to ohko it before the team can contribute damage or if your ult is already almost full and a lil wiggle before you burst will fill it… Stuff like that. Maybe while you’re closing to CQB for pbaoe spam but even that’s bad cuz of how much is reduces your movement speed and the fact that blasts are waaay more effective against hordes.

This build = no critical mass = garbage damage. It’s like running Flamewave on Pyro but more impotent. Non-RS wiggle is more than enough for accelerating ult the few times it’s an optimal play . In the time this dumb “exploit” takes, a good Pyro can kill multiple elites/specials and decimate hordes, same as most classes with an effective weapon pairing. Hell, most classes normal ranged attacks are vastly superior.


I thought that’s what happened here, the mage killed 4 specials/elites the bounty hunter killed 1 and the shade bagged 2? It is hard to say exactly how many of the horde died to who though.

That video isn’t in Legend. Plus the other classes can still do that and more inside and outside of Legend too, but without the ult charge bs. Hell, RV can shred Maulers like that til the cows come home.

It’s a lil odd that someone would show a non-Legend vid of this, especially because it means the other team members are going to look outclassed no matter what. At any rate, yeah, it’s trash vs horde compared to blast, trash vs special/elite compared to burst, and just bad DPS outright without Critical Mass. Even vs CW, without Critical Mass, it’s a wiffle bat.

Critical Mass is extremely important and this build pretends it doesn’t exist. It’s just better to use the weapon normally, and it’s still not OP when done perfectly compared to every other class or even other staffs.


its always seemed a bit unbalanced and by that i mean not equal rather than OP compared to most other class abilities, why is the WHC ult on such a long CD when it is barely more than a shield push but this thing is on around the half minute (40 seconds isnt it base? before cd reduction and procs) does huge damage at any range kills either high health or a decent number of a horde (yes even on legend) and has no skill component what so ever.

without getting into the debate about which ults need a power adjustment i personally think that damaging no skill ults that can be spammed are a bad concept regardless of power level.

and i dont think most people are complaining about sienna so often because its op , i dont think she is in fact its my experience the more of these so called op ranged specialists you have in a legend run the higher your chance of failure gets , the meta we have is flat out wrong but thats a different discussion.

the reason we hate playing with beam sienna is because its so damn annoying to be around, someone made an offhand comment that if i didnt like sienna i should just not play with her, now i suspect they wre being flipant but damn once i tried it no going back!

sienna with beam staff means your going to be continuosly friendly fired , if there is a single mob and you have the audacity to think you might be up to killing it shes going to go off like a puppy spraying it everywhere , your going to be blind most of the game, and you are going to continually have elites and specials saved from your charged attacks as the beam spray flinches them out of range. and when it does go wrong your not going to have a team mate standing by your side sharing the work of containing that horde because shes going to train through you in an attempt to get away , she may have a perfectly servicebale melee weapona and all the abilities to actually help but f that coz you know green cirles matter.

why? its either the least or second least played difficulty and besides the game needs to be balanced and playable for all doesnt it?


Neither of those statements are really true. The classes are generally pretty well balanced right now and there’s not a team comp that can’t do stuff as easily as others. There are teamwide weapon loadouts and class builds that, if stacked, will pwn you but the classes can hold their own against one another just fine.

The beam passing over something won’t do what you’re describing; only a sustained, single target attack or burst will. It’ll perma-stagger Assassins with love taps but that’s a good thing. Technically Globadiers as well but the beam needs to stop on them and you’re not generally meleeing them anyways.

It sounds more like you’re complaining about bad players than a specific class cuz there’s really nothing in there Pyro specific.

Haha please name a single ability that actually helps with Pyro melee XD Even Martial Study and One with the Flame, both of which are terrible choices, barely serve to offset melee slowdown. Pyro is the exact opposite end of the spectrum as Slayer. Her melee hits like a pool noodle; Pyro “melee” = CQB staff attack PBAOE.

Because Recruit and Veteran are training wheels difficulties wherein you can’t even access most of the game’s reward content. Also, you took me entirely out of context there because I said immediately after that: “especially because it means the other team members are going to look outclassed no matter what.” Obviously If I try to say something’s broken and I drop into Veteran and don’t qualify my statements or declare I’m filming in Veteran vs randoms, people who can’t immediately identify what I’m doing will be more easily swayed to my agenda.

At any rate, the game is balanced for every difficulty, it’s just if you’re comparing something at 600 power on an experienced player to less experienced players at <600 power, it’s going to disingenuously come off as busted.

The final important point to answer your question is that people who don’t have the experience to play Legend don’t generally have the knowledge/skill/experience to be taken that seriously in terms of game balance. You see this all the time in every game; different things are simultaneously the goat and trash tier if you ask the lower 90% of any playerbase.


Just chiming in that my opinion hasn’t changed since the last post. A good beam RS sienna is pretty ludicrous in ways no other staff can compare. I think most players just see the bad beam pyros or don’t know how to use it themselves.

Doubt any of the forum regulars are going to be convinced in either direction at this point. Fatshark hasn’t gone into much (any?) detail about design decisions either, so I guess we’ll just have to wait for when bug/balance patches start up again.


What? It was in legend what the hell are you on about.

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If true, that’s the single most cherrypicked bs I’ve ever seen because even with a crit, with maxed out crit power, in Legend, the nature of all those special/elite kills happening like that would have only been possible if they had all already been brought within a fart of death by your teammates. RV could have done the same thing in less time but while 100-0’ing everything.


I actually dont know, I just choose that clip just to show the ult charge fill up in a second, if you want I can try and find a clip later on in the game?

Ok that’s fine sorry my bad. It’s probably from other posters but people are latching onto the kills so my original comment was meant just to point out that’s not possible in Legend (unless they’re pre-damaged).

As for rate, it actually doesn’t charge that much faster with RS Exhaust cuz you don’t get Critical Mass stacks. So this is a thing, yeah, but it’s worse DPS than blasting/bursting and positioning accordingly. Hell, it’s often a DPS downgrade to launch a BH into a horde vs normal blast CQB. Also mega pwns conc pots because you can’t jold max tier Critical Mass vs a boss.


Np, even im confused how I one hitvthe blightstormer, however from my experience using beam staff itself on pyro, I normally get great stats at the end but that could be said with any staff but the reason I made this is because when im getting 10k damage average and getting large gaps between I and my team just by waving my mouse around and pressing f, and also being able to deal with almost every enemy when doing that, thats why I made this, it just doesnt feel right that it can be so easy yet so rewarding and yes, other classes can definetly perform better but they require some sense and also may be limited slightly, sorry if some of what I wrote makes no sense.

Ha the stormer was exactly what made me finally like, “pffft… That’s gotta be recruit” lol. Someone must have hit it before it teleported.

You get 10k damage easy using any DOT AoE weapon. The score keeping is cheesy that way. Flamewave, hagbane, Drake all get artificially inflated numbers even if they’re mostly just shooting teammates in the back. That’s not to say those weapons can’t be used effectively, just that I think it’s important to take the score with a grain of salt relative to both the actual and potential contributions.


The score board does not count overkill dmg in any way it is dead accurate.
You could only get slighty inflated numbers from damaging things that would have died anyway (:skaven: slaves).
But friendly fire might be counted as dmg as well. :rofl:

Those weapons I’m referring to can’t really overkill so I don’t see the relevance. It’s just that you’re constantly splashing everything with damage, even if someone else was about to, and it happens with pretty much every single mob with these weapons so it’s more than just slightly inflated. Even if it was just 1 dmg per mob, and it’s a lot more than that, that’d be 1k meaningless dmg in a given run.