Sienna pyromancer Ult cooldown

It is Legend
You hit the Mauler in the back of the head allowing it to kill two of them.
A Pyro ult in legend kills 4 marauders at full hp you killed 5 damaged ones it your video.

And that is all useful dmg only if another weapon would have killed it off anyway it gets inflated so this effect would be greatest in :skaven: hordes as :nurgle: hordes have way more base hp to matter. (:skaven:7.5hp to :nurgle:15hp)
So this effect is noticeable if your hagbain, beamstaff, flamer friend shoots more at you than at the :skaven: horde itself (which is what I do to kill it as fast as possible and avoid friendly fire).

That’s debatable. Pretty much all non-lethal Slave/Clan rat damage is wasted. Vs Maurauders and nurglings you’d have to deal a big chunk of the damage to push breakpoints for the others.

I wish the scorecard accurate reflected stuff like this and let us see how much damage was a result of, say, WHC’s buffs so we could better assess the team buff characters.

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