Pyro need more crit damage

as a mage rely on crit, normal crit damage is not enough.
it can be a talent or a passive skill


Pyro is actually doing very good damage. The only reason it gets overlooked is because BW overshadows her. Pyro doesn’t need buffs. Pyro’s overall power level is where a lot of other careers totally should be. And the last thing this game needs is even more focus on that bloody crit mechanic.

I feel like Pyro was super nerfed in the two years I could not play.
Like, when the game came out, her skull attack would mow down a horde of skaven. Now? It kills maybe 3 or 4?

Nah its just BW is stupidly broken, pyro is in pretty much best balance place out of all siennas careers

Outside of abysmal targeting of her ult


Agree on that.
All I want is :

  • Fix Targeting of the fire skull. (no more go away hitting nothing or hitting thing behind you instead of the natsy Elite/Special you aimed for…)
  • Make it more consistant. Sometime he kill clan rat, sometime not. Sometime he kill 3 armored clan rat, sometime he didn’t kill one, etc…)

I like Pyro how she is and have fun build with her.
But the ult ? OMFG, fix it for god sake !

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