FYI: fireball staff is viable

Bots only Legend heroic deed completion. Used mace and fireball staff as pyromancer.
Deed Modifiers:

  • Increased hordes
  • Replace all ambients with elites (aaaall the stormvermin)

Final score:


Definitely. I have a lot of success using it on my Unchained (with the mace) on Legend. It’s a lovely staff.

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I’ve been using Fireball again since I picked up a Veteran version. So far my only red, for a long time now.
Shooting straigth into an oncoming horde, penetrating several enemies and then detonating to knock everyone down is actually really efficient.
I really liked the Flamer before, but I suppose I don’t actually need to get that close.

Only thing I wished is for crit traits and talents to proc on secondary… and for the fireball not to blind me so much when charching it up… and for the fireball explosion to be louder. Fireball is definitely better than beamstaff at crowd controlling and staggering elites.

Playing Pyro on an HDR TV has me concerned for my long term eye sight XD It’s like staring into a thousand lil dying stars but goddamn is it pretty.

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I did not realize there were celebrities among those rats we are burning :slight_smile:

I love the fireball staff. It’s pretty much my go-to ranged weapon for Sienna.

Any tips for using it? I always end up overheating myself and struggle to use it well.

Feels like waste on pyro, considering you won’t get use of those critical hit chances. Fireball “fireball” attack doesn’t crit for some reason. Other than that, a decent stuff.

As pyro I use all of the heat reduction talents, as well as thermal equalizer trait (-20% overcharge). I just spam the RMB uncharged into hordes. VS armor spam RMB uncharged as well. The LMB does better damage against any unarmored enemies though it’s slower.

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Use it on unchained. Wit talent and trait, it’s at -35% heat generated, and I can throw out uncharged fireballs pretty fast.
If enemies come at us in a straight line, the staff can do the job of a flamestorm, at a few dozen meters more distance. LMB is kind of lame, it just doesn’t feel as satisfying, but it sure does the job. I can stagger CW with it.

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For me, mini fireballs seem to stagger the same as fully charged fireballs (but not on explosions), additionally, mini (or uncharged) fireballs are more than sufficient aginst slave hords. Long story short, you dont need to charge fireballs when fighting trash, once you realize this, you will over heat a lot less. Also, mini fireballs (right click) do way more damage against armor than left clicks.

Another cool thing to note is that rmb mini and charged fireballs can headshot armored targets, and it does close to double damage, can melt stormvermin if you can land them.


Even though it doesn’t do much damage, I love spamming choas warriors with fireballs and stunning them all while melting the trash around them!

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I never liked the beam staff in terms of gameplay so I’m glad it’s nerfed.

I now run fireball/conflagration and they both feel quite good. Can’t decide between hurling an exploding fireball and charging up the instant hordeclear with stagger.

The one thing I don’t like about it is how large the hitbox on the charged ball is. It’s essentially impossible to throw it around or over your allies because it’ll hit them if it passes next to them, deadling FF.

Aye, FF is near unavoidable at times.
On the other hand, that makes it rather easy to get lots of hits firing into a horde.

Been having a lot of fun with Fireball on my unchained with either mace or dagger as offhand. The LMB attack is very nimble once you get used to it, much like a limp arrow shot from the waystalker in it’s arc. This makes it easy to stagger elites even when 3 allies are bashing at it and makes it easy to get in some headshots as well once you get past the initial habit of wanting to spam click it. I feel like there’s a certain finesse needed for it’s use and despite an elf being like ‘‘Why dont you beamstaff’’ to me yesterday we breezed through the map just fine.

Once your allies get used to people that aren’t ONLY playing with beamstaff they’ll realize not to stack too tightly around corridors as well. I had someone guard a tunnel side yesterday for me while I shot through a fireball every now and then to take out the larger groups. It helps that if they have some grey health going it doesn’t hurt them much at all unless you pass it right through their body, the same being the case for Unchained’s F ability.

Aye. I almost never mage but have always preferred her default fireball. Ranged aoe, ranged stagger, instant stagger, surprisingly decent accuracy and damage