Some tips for Bolt staff?

Hi there,

I’m setting up the builds and all I want to use on all my careers, which means checking what breakpoints I want to hit (on Legend mind you). I decided to use Bolt staff on Pyro (Just been a staff I loved from Vermintide 1), but after a dozen of games it’s pretty clear I have f-ed up something when trying to get the breakpoints lol x)

So as I understand, Bolt staff isn’t really in a good place, but if there are bolt staff players out there, what do you run on Pyro to complement it ? (Talents, properties, traits, yada yada)

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Can’t really help you, as I didn’t use it on pyro, but it’s a good option on BW (imo) as it’s gonna make the full charge much faster. IIRC on legend you should be able to oneshot a CW on full charge.

Same as the poster below: not so sure about Pyro, but my best guess is that issue lies mostly with the career rather than the weapon, because it works fine with BW.

Though you should be able to bodyshot all specials with skaven + infantry on the bolt and chaos on jewelry? Or is it x2 skaven? Not sure about legend in specific.

Talents: 1-1-3-1-1-3

  • Fire sword - crit&BCR. SS

  • Bolt staff - with crit+crit power. Traits: Hunter/Barrage/Thermal Equalizer

  • Neck - health+block cost. NB/Boon/Barkskin

  • Charm - AS&crit power. Proxy

  • Trinket - crit+curse.

On BW the Bolt Staff really shines because of her passives and talents, so if you mainly like the weapon it might be worth switching to that career. I love this weapon on this career.

Even on Cata it’s great! Volcanic Force + Enhanced Power + 20% Chaos + 20% Armored: One shot bodyshot everything other than Chaos Warriors and Monsters / Bosses with the full charge. (And beastmen Standard Bearers, I think?) CWs still die rather quickly regardless. (Two bodyshots, I think?) It’s glorious. On Legend Volcanic Force & Enhanced Power alone might even be enough to do the same thing.

There are even ways to effectively combine it with Famished Flames, despite the damage penalty. (Famished Flames + Firesword is borderline overpowered, and is a combo that doesn’t even need a staff to support it.) Even on Cata you can hit breakpoints to bodyshot any special outside of Blightstormer, Leech, and Gasrat, and headshots still take care of those and even Stormvermin. On Legend you can probably hit Stormvermin bodyshots and breakpoints for those specials as well (not sure).

And even if you want to meme around with Lingering Flames the Bolt Staff can hit Cata breakpoints for Stormvermin bodyshots, and headshots for almost everything else. The same breakpoints should be attainable for Pyromancer as well, by the way. Best way to decide how to build is to mess around with the breakpoint calculator.

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