Fireball staff good?

i dont really play with it. after a few runs on the fireball it didnt feel very useful. theres a few things i dont like about it.

its too easy to do friendly fire with this thing. i use fireball as anti horde mainly. often i have to just not use it cuz my team is meleeing the horde and i dont wanna do friendly fire. which is kindda sad because wizard melee isn’t competitive enough and should really use her staff (and pull out the melee as a backup weapon). also same issue with hagbane LOL

it does no dmg. it takes 3 charged fireball to kill a mauler (the tougher chaos infantry; one tier above the zombles). and takes quite more to kill anything you want dead right away.

i’m not sure if shooting cw with charged fireball actually does anything*

my conclusion with this weapon is that it is designed as an all-purpose staff. but in reality it doesnt really kill anything and can’t compete with conflag for cc.

if you want to cc you use conflag, if you want on demand killing you use bolt staff. not sure how to make the fireball do well.

PS: I did me testing on pyro

Fireball is great. Just try to avoid ff and accept that it will happen. The stagger you do will far outweigh the small amount of ff you do. Same “rules” as with all ranged horde clear weapons exists, don’t ff if it’s not needed (don’t shoot into melee when there is 1 sv and 3 slave rats, just let the mdps deal with that).

For maulers and zerkers lmb is better dmg if they are alone.

Fireball pyro goes well with a high damage armor piercing weapon, like the crowbill. Staff for horde as the quick charged fireball cleans them out nicely. Full charged blast can also kill a hook rat while he’s sneaking in with the horde. The FF hitbox is enormous however.

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