Battle Wiz and Bolt Staff

I played for about an hour with the bolt staff on Battle wiz with the charge speed traits, and man, it was a blast. The quick charging bolts hit hard and really make the staff viable for sniping but it also makes the staffs weaknesses very apparent. With a zoom feature and a slighly faster projectile the bolt staff would be a truly viable sniper.

haha i’m not sure why there are so many topics about the bolt staff all of a sudden.

yes, the charged attack could use some tweaking =)

Probably because they just fixed the bug with battle wiz and she can get insainly fast charge time

I’ve tried it before and it didn’t really work for me. Most of the time I use light attacks and the slow attack speed on high overcharge really makes it unwieldy. Having to wait for tranquility to get 1-2 fast charged bolts in wasn’t worth it imo.
My best use for the bolt staff is on pyro with faster attack speed on overcharge, cooldown on crits weapon trait, grim overcharge cooldown and ult cooldown speed talent.

Now that the charge animation reflects +charge speed, BW is better. Conflag feels great stacking charge speed. But Fireball and bolt still both feel weaker than using them on pyro. Which is unfortunate.

I think it’s primarily a function of Pyro’s natural overheat reduction in tiers 1, 2 and 3 and the way Pyro’s crit chance increase passive synergizes well with overcharge reduction on crit. For example, Pyro’s overcharge reduction on grim (Dissipate) is just a better version of Tranquility?

I’d love to see BW’s talents reworked. Especially tier 2. You have one viable-ish choice there with World Aflame. It would be nice if they changed those talents to modify Tranquility by giving bonuses when it’s off/on and/or reducing its cooldown.

Also, this seems like a bug to me, but you can actually cast two fully charged fireballs before the charge speed increase from Rechannel/Tranquility wears off. They fire quite quickly. You just have to keep holding right click. I think it’s because Tranquility doesn’t reset until the first charged fireball launches, but the game still registers that you were holding right click “before” Tranquility wears off – giving you increased charge speed on the second fireball.

It’s a fun gimmick every 8 seconds. Hell, it actually encourages you to switch to melee and lets you stack CDR on your ult to add more stagger and mobility (since you aren’t worried about overcharge any more). If we could get a base CDR reduction on Tranquility or a tier 2 talent that does the same thing, I’d even say that this would make fireball better on BW than on pyro…

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