Bolt Staff - Current State?

I feel like the beam staff is in a good spot right now, but its snipe is still more effective at range against armored and unarmored than the bolt snipe.

The regular auto-spam attack feels alright, but I feel like the snipe shot could use some tender love. Even with consecutive perfect headshots, it feels a little underwhelming, especially on legend (well, everything is supposed to be a little underwhelming on legend, but you get what I mean). Also a zoom feature, maybe bound to weapon special, or as the shot charges up, would make things better too.

If anyone has any numbers recorded comparing the beam snipe to the bolt snipe, that information would be beneficial for us all.

Any thoughts on its current state?


I would like Bolt Staff to has more projectile speed on charge attack
Maybe make it hit scab on fully charge or give it true flight aspect on fully charge =D

But give it true flight would be too OP and we gonna see Battle Wizard use it instead of Pyro cuz B.Wizard has faster charge speed

I dont have problem with close/mid range to land headshot with Bolt Staff but its hard to long range snipe some special enemy
IMO, make charage attack projectile speed to match crossbow would be good

Agreed. My quick test about a week ago showed that Beam’s crit and headshot multiplier is significantly higher than Bolt’s right click for both armored and unarmored enemies (tested on dummies while hosting Legendary). This makes little to no sense given that Beam’s snipe function is immensely easier to use - it is a continuous hit scan laser, for God’s sake. Bolt, on the other hand, has what is probably the longest travel time for a projectile (outside of grenades maybe?) and is generally harder to use.

That said, I’m pretty sure a bolt’s 3rd level right click headshot will instagib most or all specials on Legendary, but I haven’t done that test because it is frustrating and we still have no publicly available testing ground.

There have been quite a few QOL suggestion, like making the fully charged spear be hitscan, but I can see that causing more QOL problems, perhaps outweighing the buff benefits. I think a small damage buff to right click’s 1 or 2nd charge level would do the trick but even that is sorta of a fine line. Reduce piercing but increase damage? Idk. What might be better is giving it some more anti-armour capabilities so that Sienna finally has a staff that can reliably damage armoured enemies outside of headshots.

you can solo a patrol with lots of armored units using conflag.

Edit: Oh, I see what you mean. I need to try conflag out. Still tho, a second staff with some anti-armour wouldn’t be too bad or imbalanced I don’t think. It seems to me that would suit the Bolt staff more than any of the other staves.

for sure. bolt needs something. more charged damage, hitscan projectile when fully charged and reducing or removing the move spd penalty i’d say. then you still wouldn’t be great with hordes but you’d be very good vs specials

I genuinely think the bolt staff deserves a zoom on its right click bolts , why does the beam staff get a zoom but not the other “actual sniping” staff ?

Very underwhelming. As said, the charged attack is both harder to use than beam’s and underpowered. I’d add that the projectile is hard to follow and it’s often difficult to see by how much you missed.

My favorite is the conflag staff at the moment.

Fireball and bolt staff could get a bit more love. As an heutistic, I’d say the slower/more difficult to hit, the more powerful or cheap it should be. Fireball is slow and difficult to use with friendly fire. Bolt is quite difficult to use at a distance, too, and heats quite a lot for what it does.

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God forbid the battle wizard has any sort of competition going for itself over pyro, that would just be inconsiderate.

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Pft battle wizard has no heat reducing talents and in such a fast past game tranquility is hardly ever active. She wouldn’t be able to cast that many before overheating. Tranquility really needs to be redesigned imo.

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