Bolt Staff Right Click needs some adjusting

As an unchained bolt staff main (don’t ask, i just think she looks cool), I feel like the bolt staff’s right click ability against specials in legendary needs some tuning. I get that a fast bolt to the head shouldn’t one shot a special, but a 2/3 charged one should (maybe followed by a quick one). Compared to most other ranged options, it feels a bit on the weak side. I’m not saying buff bolt staff, I think left click is just fine. I do think the charged attacks should be more reliable against specials, especially as it is hard enough to headshot moving targets. Travel distance means more skill is required and that should be rewarded.

Obviously such changes would go well with tweaks to the other staffs.


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Have you tried hitting those breakpoints?

Thanks, good suggestion. I will test these out but I will have to sacrifice some other properties that I feel are important :frowning:

Just testing numbers on dummies, the bolt staff’s spear/javelin/alt/whatever does about the same damage as the beam staff’s alt against unarmored enemies, and less damage than the beam staff on headshots/crits.
Against the armored dummy, the bolt staff alt does significantly less damage both with regular hits and crits/headshots than the beam.

Given that the beam staff is hitscan and doesn’t need to charge (as much) as the projectile bolt staff… i find it odd that it does more damage.
Seems like the bolt’s alt should do more damage as payoff for needing to charge up and being harder to hit with.

Also i’d love to know if the second ignite sound / apparent 4th level of charge on the javelin actually does anything…

Fairly sure everyone knows the Beam staff is slightly overtuned hilariously, brokenly overpowered at the moment though.

Can’t see file anymore. Do you know if this is accounting for the lack of the +ranged damage on Unchained?

I have no idea where the file has gone (wasn’t mine), but I believe it was all datamined stuff, so it should have been base damage. If it’s not working at those breakpoints for Unchained, it’s possible that it was only for the other two or that changes were made in the patches between it being published and now.