Bolt staff

Tagged “Sniper”, dont have zoom, have a slow projectile speed.
As I remember, all others “Sniper” weapons have zoom and relatively fast projectiles.

FS pls give this “sniper” weapon some zoom and projectile speed on charged attack. Or people will continue to scream “beam staff op”, “beam staff not fun”.


With a fast projectile speed it’d be a straight upgrade on bows, having the same performance against SV without the projectile drop and ammo issues, while annihilating any unarmored enemies and hordes and being the best ranged weapon vs chaos warriors.

I do agree on zoom though.


I feel like I contribute a whole lot less if i take the bolt staff, charged attack needs a buff.

At the same time i have trouble running anything other than the fireball staff, nothing else feels as versatile except the beam staff, which is boring.

Why not? btw best ranged vs CW I believe would be handgun. Most ranged classes do not know what is lack of ammo. BH and WS for sure. HM questionable. Who gives a heck?

Should try to do at least, and nerf back if its too op.

Agree, zoom would help a great deal.

I’d have said bolt is the most versatile, strong vs hordes, strong vs all elites and specials, only somewhat mediocre on bosses. Fireball sacrifices elite killing, special killing and range for extreme horde clear.

Because having a weapon completely better than another in every regard, all the while having more ammo, is not good balance.

They both do the same damage on a headhit, the handgun does more on body, but sacrifices rate of fire and a lot of ammo to do that.

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Sienna cant equip handgun tho
Ok projectile speed seems would be too strong. A bit of zoom on charged? Or do smth with blightstormers casting 3km away?

While bolt is stronger vs elites and specials than fireball i’d say fireball is more useful in that it’s lmb has crazy stagger and you’ve got a much bigger ammunition pool for lmb spam vs bolt charged. Imo of course, havent used bolt enough since i find it lackluster.

As i said, that’s exactly what i’d buff.

Slightly confused as to what your point is.

No point other than my general feedback/ feelings towards weapons and balance. Simply adding my opinion.

Also was saying i disagree that fireball sacrifices elite/special killing. It may not put out the same damage as bolt but if anything it can still be very useful.

Rephrasing my statement: Slightly confused as to what your reasoning here is that fireball is still more useful due to stagger on LMB

You can stagger CW easily, i do a lot of quick swapping and being able to stagger most things at a seconds notice is very useful, helps give me breathing room and can save someone else’s hide.

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