Fireball Staff Sienna and Breakpoints Question

Does Sienna have any meaningful breakpoints? Specifically for fireball staff? But any weapons?

edit* I was thinking for unchained Sienna.

I think since crit chance and power kinda come out on top regardless, at least on Pyro, it’s not really worth it.

There are a lot of useful breakpoints on pretty much any weapon. For fireball unchained:
5.5% vs fanatics to kill them with the explosion (any more will increase the range they can be to still kill)
5.5% vs marauders to kill them with the explosion if they got hit by the projectile
<5% vs leech/stormsorc/globes to kill them in 3 light hits
6.5% vs stormvermin to one-shot them with a fully charged headshot

Personally would say go for at least 1 vs infantry with at least 5.5%, that will help you hit all the above breakpoints outside of the stormvermin.

This is for unchained only, the other ones have slightly higher damage and thus other breakpoints.

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Gonna start shitty here by stating the obvious: Unchained is melee career.
So how are you gonna mod your staff? % against Infantry imo. and preferably %chaos. Trait: “20% less overcharge” 10%against infantry/chaos 1-shots chaos infantry on Legend.

Keep in mind that Unchained with Firestorm on legend wont be able to take down Chaos horde effectively even with 10%infantry and 10%chaos. Have not tried %infantry/Skaven yet. Champ though, you will fudge them up.

You wont be able to clear specials as effective as other classes playing as the unchained, you just have to keep that in mind. throw some balls into the trash to build some overcharge for dmg before you go into the fray.

@Sasa About your breakpoints. What difficulty setting is this on?.


good to know. will try them out :slight_smile:

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