Conflagration Staff fixes from V1

Hi there !

I think I can say I’m a V1 Vet with my 200+ hours played. Mainly with Sienna & Conflagration Staff.
Beam and Bolt never were my thing.

That said, I’d like to give some feedback to help it become a little more uselfull and “competitive”.

I’ll focus on Conflag for now, but I believe there is more to say about the overall perk/boon/trait/whatever enhancement customization.

In V1, we had 3 “traits” on our weapons. Which helped me A LOT with the Conflag, as I could improve its strong points. Those strong points are weak before traits applied.
Conflag misses 2 things from V1 :
-Knockback. It was an awesome tool… for people like me. See, I am terrible bad at aim. What I’m good at is “gain time & plan stuffs”. I thought about it a lot, I’m not playing games like those people that can aim awesomely well. I don’t headshot because I just can’t aim good, despite I’m 33yo and tried all I could in various videogames. I just can’t. This is about some mindset of some sort ^^.
On the other hand, I always thrived in those desperate situations where you HAD to steal time for you and your team, swarmed with rats, elits and an Ogre. While they slain the most part, you give them time to.
V1 allowed me that.
Not all people/players are the same, will play the same, bear that in mind :wink:

My 2nd point is : Conflag charged attack had a wilder range. Not that much, but it made a difference. In V2, I often chargeAtk and see rats&northmen caugh in the explosion acting like nothing happened. It DOES explode on their heads, they should feel something, right ?

If you agree or not, thanks for the replies :wink:


Damage on fully charged explosion seems also pretty weak. Like even the most fragile mobs survive the initial burst and full dot. Though it’s still a pretty good staff, because it is pretty versatile with it’s lmb being singletarget and rmb aoe cc.
It does knock weak enemies down, making them easy melee targets.

I think a 5 second napalm on a ground with a decent damage on full change would be a nice way to buff it. Maybe a little more damage on actual blast too. It takes a lot of time to get that full charge, and even one little stab from the back would interrupt it. Also lmb that’s different from fireball staff might be a good thing(might not be one though, it depends on what will be there instead), because they are kinda way too similar right now. And i think fireball is just better if you want aoe and singletarget. Well there’s also a beam staff which is better at both too, so yeah.

Having used it, yes…

Conflag used to be a popular staff in V1 primarily because it helped you avoid Friendly Fire… AND you could blow up a good 16 or more Rats in one shot.

The ones in the Inner circle generally died right away… the outer circle ones were damaged… and eventually died to the DoT.

EDIT: also players caught in the outer circle did NOT take FF damage so you could take advantage of that in a pinch.

And yes you’re right… the Circle was much bigger in V1. Its a little too small here.

Can only agree with you. I started in vt2 as early as I got my hands on it, but it felt underwhelmingly weak, even on veteran.

Yeah in V1 Conflag staff was very deadly on Hordes.

You could only do a full charge like 4 times before overheat… but in those 4 you could blow up a LOT of rats.

For whatever reason it doesn’t work that way in V2.

It was incredibly well balanced overall and not overpowered.

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I remember the conflag staff with good traits being incredibly overpowered in the first beta. It atomized those hyper-dense hordes like nothing.

Then fs “fixed” it in the typical fs-style, by making it near-useless.

Honestly, they fixed it like any other devs would do it :stuck_out_tongue:

I try to go back to VT1, I think I was mostly using a quick charge Conflag most of the time to spread rats all over the place a give me time to slain some with my sword. Then switch to Conflag-small charge- again, and so on. It was the most “overcharge” hungry (…I think ?).
The only times I found a full charged Conflag attack the best was against an armored patrol, mandatory even.

Basically, to stand against other staffs, Conflag needs to stagger on a little wilder range (with the same “circle on the ground”). Other “boons” would need a weapons and classes perks overall.
I won’t let this go, but if only FS can at least enlarge the Conflag pushback, that would be an awesome start :smiley:

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