Sienna Beam Staff - changes suggestion (yes, another thread about beam staff :D )

I love the beam staff, its amazing, but the problem is it too amazing agains everythik :slight_smile:
Messing with the dmg numbers will only nerf it to oblivion…

so my propositions are:

1) change the Beam-Blast attack so that it only works on enemies in the RMB Blast radius
- this will let you panick kill specials that spawned on your head, but removes the crazy sniper mode
2) change the Beam-Blast so that it does not do any dmg at all, just adds massive stagger and knocks enemies (like Krubers Valiant Charge)
- this will give rest of the team time to kill enemy and you can still long range beam them to death
3) remove the Beam-Blast attack
- rest ot the staffs only has 2 attack modes, why this one should be exception?

again, I love the Beam staff, it was my go to weapon when I started with V2 simply because it allowed me to fullfil ANY role my random team was lacking/not fullfilling as needed :slight_smile:

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completely disagree. i think it’s well balanced atm. it’s not even the strongest staff anymore. no changes needed.


Also disagree, the way the staff works beam/shotgun/blast is the same as v1 and it worked there so no need to remove its jack of all trades style. Adjustments so far seem to have reduced the issues of spam somewhat. If people were still complaining I would suggest altering talent synergies with staff traits (pyro career mainly)

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