New Beam Staff Controls

I liked the old layout better (LMB for shotgun, RMB for laser). I am always fumbling to use the shotgun blast too, since it is now ‘charged’ (which I also don’t really like).

Would you like to see the return of the beam staff controls we had back in the early beta, or possibly a way to switch between the two? What about the charged shotgun blast; would you rather keep it as it is now or change it back to the way it was (being near-instant)? What other things, if anything else, would you change about the beam staff?

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As far as I’m aware current beam functionality mirrors that of the V1 beam (aside from the reversed Mouse buttons). I think the current keys match the the expected output of the other staves much better. Every other stave M1 is your general low heat attack, while Mouse 2 is a special attack that tends to cost more heat. It does feel a little awkward at first but I think that’s just a matter of practice and retraining muscle memory.

My biggest issue is that it is much harder to keep high heat with the beam staff or quick swap to stagger enemies.

It’s probably good that’s gone but I miss using it to keep topped off as the pyromancer

I just hate that when i try to spam shotgun blasts that my left click will start channeling.


Agreed, liked the beta layout better.

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