Beam staff rebalancing

I was wondering if there is anyone who have been using the beam staff on cataclysm and found it actually provide anything any other staff does not bring in a better way. I really like the design of the beam staff but i think it is by far the weakest staff in siennas arsenal, and so I am curious if it would be possible to give it some love in the upcoming patches with rebalancing of other weapons/careers.

It needs to have the zoom removed from the beam. It slows down your ability to aim and track targets, and they are FAST sometimes, and if you fall off the target at all your damage resets to tiddly wink. The mechanics actively undermine each other.

The alt-fire needs an extra 50% range or so as well. Hordes are much more dangerous now, and dodging them is not reliable anymore. Melee Range+One Step is not effective in the current environment, it needs to reach clearly beyond melee or you’re just asking for a running attack to the face.


The Beam staff is probably the weakest, but most versatile staff, it’s a jack-of-all-trades master of none type weapon.

I do think it could do with some small tweaks here and there.

  1. Tie the beam zoom to the special attack button, like the WS zoom is. sometimes the zoom seems a bit too much at closer ranges, which messes up tracking.

  2. Make spraying down hordes in a horizontal pattern with the beam more effective, it feels like this does literally nothing on most difficulties, if the damage and stagger values were boosted a little it could be more useful at pushing back/slowing down waves, kind of like a much weaker, but longer ranged flamethrower.

  3. Fix the shotgun mode. Sometimes when spamming the shotgun mode it bugs out and starts firing the beam explosion instead.

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It’s very strong with BW, barrage, and famished flame, but NOT lingering flame. Tested with creature spawner and it melted a legend Rat Ogre in about 20 seconds. Not trying to say that it’s ok because it works for one niche build, just wanted to mention that build for anyone that might not be aware.

Its biggest problem is definitely how generally awkward it is to use IMO. I swear it’s one of the worst weapons for unresponsive quick swap. Making the zoom optional with the rapier pistol button would be nice, that’d be a nice feature on bolt staff too mind you.


This was specifically nerfed last year, I doubt it’s going to come back.

Imho: I might be fine with long range horde damage if lmb beam had zero knockback.


Ive been using the beam staff consistently in weaves from weaves 40 to 70 in trio and 70 to currently 112 in a quad party. Dont have any issues with it, it has a place and it fills that place quite well. the biggest upside of it is its non-existent charge time. Best mobility while dealing damage, strong armor dot, strong monster dot, decent against horde enemies, can support special sniping or suppress gunners at range, so they dont wind up and oneshot your whole team if youre in a bad spot

it’s a sniping weapon. kills or disrupts specials the fastest out of all other staffs. good shotgun bursts too if you need it. it’s also the best boss killer as long as you can sustain your beam on the boss…

you might argue that other staffs can do the same, but nothing is as precise.

for me, sienna’s all about the aoe though. kruber, salts and keri dont have the mass slaughter ability of bardin and sienna, it would be a waste to go beam staff in this particular patch imo

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