Question About the Beam staff Arguments

Quick edit. i am referring to pyromancer talents and there interaction with beam staff.

I feel like i will regret asking this but i am not sure myself what the obsession with the entire “Nerf the beam staff” argument. Why are people not trying to buff and make the other weapons / classes feel better exactly? frankly i DO agree the beam staff is strong. But realistically i use it the most because it FEELS smooth. there is no real clunky animation or delay with its damage. the range/snipe blast feels… just right and that close range shotgun blast just saves my ass in "Oh S**T moments when enemies close the gap.

i don’t frankly know how to explain it. it fits with the class perfectly and yes the talents are directly buffing how you interact with the staff. if we nerf the class talents or legendary traits then we loose powerful avenues of buffing other staffs up to a similar level of power in my opinion. adjusting overcharge could totally be a thing but as you know the entire tree is designed to help mitigate that.

Better and more constructive arguments need to be made along the lines of buffing the other staffs, and or the other characters to bring that same smooth gameplay. Its plain to see that they do watch these forums and are trying to make it better. but we have to break it down to the fundamental facts so that we can more easily communicate the issues. all i have read on here is a lot of complaining that its to strong and needs a nerf. Well what exactly is to strong? the beam damage? The burst damage? The buildup? details people.

For example. i think something like the flamestorm staff needs either a strong versatile use against ranged (similar to the flame arrow on bolt staff) or just a rework in general. Why would you use this staff? in my mind the only real use of this staff is for horde clearing. but here lies the problem with that. Why would i ever use something like this when i have the shotgun blast on the beam staff that dose the same thing just as well, if not better thanks to the fact it seems to stagger specials and i do not think the flamestorm staff dose. (i have noticed the patch notes on this weapon but have not had a chance to compare yet. Feel free to correct me if i am wrong.) It also dose absolutely nothing against enemies who are close to you already. (Not sure if this is a bug or just a finicky issue with hitboxes.)

Honestly i had a epiphany while making this post about how several of the secondary attacks feel more appropriate on other staffs. such as the shotgun blast feels like it should be on the bolt staff. and the flame arrow from the bolt staff feels like it should be on the flamestorm staff as a secondary. the conflagration staff secondary feels ok but very little impact, i could say alot more of my thoughts here but frankly im a little more curious what other people think about what im saying.

Side note. Sienna is my only max level character so she is the only one i feel comfortable making comments about. I do play every other class but not quiet as well.

TLDR. Make The Game Great! Spread Buffs Not Nerfs! Give Ideas For Smoothing Out Other Weapons / Classes!

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Beam staff nerfed/fixed today alongside other weapons

Main concern about beam staff was that: it is a jack of all trades master of… all. Too versatile with too strong synergy with on-proc effects such as vent overcharge, and very little heat generation.

Was it? i played several games already and am not noticing a lot of difference particularly. ill try some more but the general idea is still the same. How can we make other weapons / Classes FEEL as smooth as this combination?

Can confirm after another game. The “Fix” didnt really change a lot other then how soon i vent if i have low crit rate.

I have noticed that. But thats what makes it feel good. The versatility. Why dont we try and make other weapons a bit more versatile?

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because everyone already bulldozes everything and having everyone else on par with beam pyro would make it even more silly

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Yea but isnt that only due to them nerfing the game difficulty because everyone complained it was to hard?

Also if that is true then why is every other page about people complaining about weapons?

Lets be real. They defiantly can change the way the weapons work for the better. but only if they can fine tune what needs to happen to make it better. and the only way we can help with that is to give feedback ourselves. not just complain and expect them to wing it.

Similar to earlier i saw the post from another Senna player talking about adding a zoom on bolt staffs alt fire to help make it a bit easier to aim over a distance. That is a small change that has big rewards without breaking anything other than maybe a few bugs that come out of the change.


a lot of things have been discussed/argued/fought about, the staff needed slight toning down, the buffing of other staves was brought up several times. In this patch Fatshark made a step towards balancing the other staves out a bit, touching up two of them a bit already to see if it’d make a difference.

Keep giving feedback, they need it. They won’t get it right in one go but don’t expect them to, adjust feedback based on their adjusted balancing and keep the dialogue going.

But also read other threads and try to ask your questions etc there to give a more centralized discussion, I see a lot of people make multiple threads about the same classes/weapons now. It makes for very watered down discussions that could be a lot more constructive if all combined!

The main worry for beam was basically this

it requires at least a little bit more thought, coordination and stat balancing now rather than simply crit + trait, but that’s my personal thoughts on the matter!

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