Congrats on the Conflag Staff improvements

While I did not get a chance to use it myself,

I was running a Legend in Festering Ground last night team was…

Ironbreaker with Axe+Shield and Flamethrower
Sienna Pyro with Conflag
Shade with Volley and (looked like daggers but could have been dagger sword)
WHC with Falchion + Volley

We had a TON of Hordes on that map and even wiped out a Chaos Patrol (which no longer has the enormous amount of CWs, so between me (WHC) and the Shade and shockingly the Conflag Wiz… it was actually doable when it was accidently agroed by the Mage.

I watched the performance at multiple times through wave after wave of Hordes and between that and the Flamethrower (along with my Volley)… regardless of all the hair raising situations. It seriously made a difference.

Kill totals were a little screwy though Bardin’s Flamethrower ended up netting more kills, (around 400)… but Sienna’s Conflag still netted around 270 along with my 270 as WHC.

So it has improved a great deal. Prior any Wiz that ran with it would be down in the 100s somewhere.

Even saved Bardin when he accidently fell off the ledge before the Bridge over the water… during the first dropdown through the second cave (Grim Pickup) when a horde sprung up on him. She was safely able to Conflag the Horde while he defended against the waves and the rest of us kept them off the ledges.

So it has indeed drastically improved over what it used to be.

Not sure how it compares with the other staves at this point, but there were improvements.

Agree, the improvements are awesome. Being able to stagger CW was a nice surprise!

I tried the staff on Veteran to be safe, and I wasn’t satisfied with it at all. I guess I’ll give it another shot, but I really didn’t manage to make it work, even though it was my absolute favourite staff in VT1.

Just finish Conflagration Staff on legend and it’s really good
I used Battle Wizard b’cuz this class can make RMB charge faster than pyro
my properties on staff are power vs chaos, power vs armor and reduce overheat generate by 20%

Ppl may think this staff is weak in term of long range horde killing power if compare to BH Volley XBow but the mindset when has conflag staff user in team is…
“We always have 5-8 grenade to use every horde fight”
conflag staff doest has high damage like Volley XBow but it has enough damage to do its job ‘killing trash enemy’

just 1 charge attack is enough to create some space for your team to breath during heavy horde fight and 6-8 charge attacks are enough to wipe and entire horde. Even some enemies wont die but their hp are gonna low enough to one-shot by everyone

and the strongest point of conflag staff is CC
I found the stagger power of this staff is freaking high to the point that you can stun Chaos Warrior by using instant charge attack
I have many moment that my team provoke chaos,sv patrol and I spam charge attack to stun entire patrol to make my friends kill them with ease
actually sometimes I feels conflag staff is a little bit OP in CC and horde kill, but yeah… it cant do anything with boss/lord fight like it suppose to be

now B.Wizard+ conflagration staff is my new favorite class :smiley:

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Yea After peeking in on this thread i went out and tried it myself and can safely say that conflagration staff feels pretty good. Boss dmg (as long as head shots) was pretty solid. Horde control was a joke. the stagger is very effective to lock groups down.

All and all if you haven’t used this staff in a while its worth getting one to play with and see how you feel about it. Thumbs up on bringing some variety to Staves.

Yeah every time I’ve seen it used at this point its been incredibly effective.

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