Some balance about Battle Wizard and Conflagration staff?

Hello, for a lot of people, conflagration staff is the weakest weapon of the staff of Sienna. I know some people who liked it in Vermintide 1 but now ,it feels it’s a bit weakest (i don’t use it anymore on Legend, too weak).

When i use even the fireball staff or others, i can do far more damage, conflag is not sure to kill even with a pl 600 and 300 for the conflag then on slave rats on Legend at his max and it needs a lot of time to be charged.

I could use the battle wizard for the fast charge but his ult, even with the buff, is still useless compared to the ult of Pyro and even unchained, what about if we can go a little farther and add 2x more power for the flames? (at least) because actually, teleport is useless if you can’t be helped to kill with your ult. 10meter around is not gonna save our game…

Or maybe i should use the conflag with Pyro and wait for the charge but even the other staff are far more powerful (bolt/fireball and beam for the most).

Battle Wizard seem interesting to use (with the 5-25% damage when we are close to the enemies) but his ult doesnt help a lot…

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In the current rotation Conflag seems to be the staff you pick for control over damage, since it staggers very reliably in the right hands on short cast and can create a fire perimeter at full charge. That said I’d probably only pick it if theres two other ranged in the party currently.

They can still add a little more power to make it really effective, the crowd control can be made with a lot of other staff (not the same way but yeah), when you have a horde, you don’t fight them so far like that since they come in front, the conflag could need a little power buff to make it really useful, not only to make the enemies fall.

The power damage is actually more important than the fact you can make the enemies fall for a crowd control and the flames on the ground with the full charged conflag are only for 2 or 3s and doesnt do so much damage apparently too, the conflag should be more than just a tool…

I don’t think the ground AOE fire does any damage at all, just like fire bombs.

I’ll agree from my testing that conflag staff FEELS week and hardly seems to be doing much more than staggering enemies, but then I look at the scoreboard at the end of a round and I have the highest damage? It doesn’t make any sense and really makes me wonder if damage is actually getting tracked properly.

I find conflag far easier to use than fireball and end up being more effective with it, but both lack the close quarters control ability of beam, which really seems to be essential in Legend when you don’t have a perfect team. I do realize that the conflag AOE can be fired at close range, but the strong stagger effect tends to move enemies into unwanted positions, potentially making them more dangerous.

@Soupinator not to sound off in any sense, but that has always been a case of player skill nuance since vt1, using it to reposition/divert a horde or to make a quick dent in a large stack which potentially creates an exit path or breather for an ally trapped between a wall and a horde or a few elites.

The damage component of the staff can be a little tricky at first since, unless they changed it, it feels weak because the damage is spread out more and the ally damage is negligible when in the right hands. (would you rather get trucked by a bunch of mobs or eat a bit of a fire puff from Sienna as she gets you out of a potential predicament?) I think considering the large area it can cover it’s still quite effective at what it’s meant to do however; controlling your foes, softening them up and forcing them around.

With the hopefully upcoming changes to Beam Staff I hope they give all the other staves a small boost however, to make them more attractive to people that one-trick pony with beam staff.

As for close quarters I’d say it has it’s uses, you aren’t mean to be able to whip out a full charge melee circle while engaged in close-quarters but whipping your staff out to stagger a few things with a few quick puffs as well as to disperse a pack a bit more can be more effective than you might think at first!

I think the main problem is that the conflag staff was designed for VT1 with lots of tight corridors, much smaller hordes, and generally weaker enemies. Now we have lots of open areas where enemies spread out and much tougher enemies, on top of conflag apparently receiving a significant damage nerf vs VT1. The AOE just doesn’t feel nearly as useful in many of the situations this game puts you in.

Throwing off an AOE at a horde at range doesn’t feel all that useful generally since those enemies aren’t a threat, while it’s less useful (and potentially dangerous) against enemies close up, particularly since unlike in VT1, a full charge won’t even kill slave rats in my experience (though it probably will once they fix the ground fire AOE so it’s more than just a graphical effect.)

So for me, I feel like it’s as much about other elements of the game design as it is the beam staff. I feel like even if the beam staff gets a significant nerf, it’s still going to be the best choice simply because its attack types fit most game situations better.

The trick there is to make sure you don’t get surrounded in the first place however, and to force enemies to adapt to your positioning rather than compromising around theirs, this is why people don’t like going through the middle area on Athel on Legend for example.

You can certainly minimize that happening with a really good team, but I feel like it’s unavoidable sometimes. Even if you camp safe spots to wait for hordes, I’ve had plenty of ambushes in really bad locations or been pigeonholed by a blightstormer, and there’s always the boss + horde messes.

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