Battle Wizard - Take Another Look

My god. Battle Wizard + a fireball staff is an incredible combination. I’d been indoctrinated by popular opinion/reddit to believe that Battle Wiz was the worst of Sienna’s careers. How wrong I was. With the reduced spell charge time from overcharge, and her passive talents, she’s slinging fully charged fireballs faster then you can say “watch the friendly fire”. They’re amazing for trash clear , while also dealing reliable AP damage, capable of one-shotting storm vermin on legend with a headshot (if they get caught in the AOE as well). Combined with the versatility you get from fire-walk, I think I have a new favorite Sienna load out.


you can also get 100% block cost reduction from 30% from weapon, 30% from necklace, and 40% from her talent that’s active during tranquility.

teleport is essential when kiting stuff and for dumping heat, getting away from boss/cw/mauler super strikes, and escaping when cornered, it’s awesome and the only mobility ability for sienna.

if you like fireball staff, you’ll love conflag staff (higher damage and spams shots quicker, and just melts hyperdense hordes and staggers everything except bosses)

battle wiz is a great class that can perform multiple roles imo. carve your own path and carry people with your newfound knowledge!!!

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I’ve been playing a bunch of battle wizard and having a blast. Nothing more satisfying than agro-ing a huge horde, teleporting out of them, and dropping an insta-full-charged shot of conflag thanks to tranquility.

Teleport is super handy too, I’ve been enjoying it as More of a utility ult for setting up shots or getting out of sticky situations.


In beta the firewalk has been buffed so you can stagger bosses as well.


Battle Wizard is very viable and a good CC, but I’d still wish they’d change her passive. Either remove the “no spells cast” restriction or reduce cooldown to like 5 to 6 secs.

Conflag Staff is a very good choice on her and you can actually get 2 charges out before her passive starts resetting.

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To be honest I also like a looot the BW :fire:
However, beyond champ, the pyro class is the only choice due to their insta blows with F.
To fix that, I’d rework the F utility of the pyro completely.
The capability of clearing the heat bar with every F at lvl 25 literally makes her to a wizard without any limits on ranged dmg.
I hope to see some class tuning on the long turn.

Sry for my bad english :yum:

Or they can change the battle wizard active skill mechanic. Take a look at this, I’ve took it straight from the Warhammer FRP book:

Good old Breathe Fire Spell :slight_smile: Instead of stupidly teleporting (not very bright wizardly at all), she could breathe fire and thus doing that she would achieve 2 things:

  1. Clear out the horde or set ablaze/melt the armored opponents
  2. Vent out the heat through breathing out the fire.

I haven’t been able to get reduced charge times on the fireball staff with the battle Wizards. Did they fix that recently?

The charge time is properly reduced, but the animation time is bugged and is still slow. You can shoot it before the animation completes and it works, just looks bad.

whispers Amazing what people were debating on these forums five months ago.

Damn! that’s a one nice movie I forgot all about. Thanks for the reminder:-)

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