Conflag staff aoe needs a damage buff

Currently it won’t reliably kill even zombies and slave rats. Charging up for 3 seconds to change the color of a mob is a bit underwhelming :stuck_out_tongue:


Either more damage or faster charging.


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Honestly I thought it needs both more damage and faster charge but I figured they’d be more willing to make it somewhat useful than try to make it on par with other things

I like the charge speed of battle wizard for conflag staff, but without the dmg… its not competitive compared to pyro. I feel like the battle wizard was made for conflag staff, but even with charge speed… meh… damage should be the way to go.

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I do agree that Sienna’s staffs need tweaking in several directions, but I have another idea for Conflagration. Fireball is also an AoE damage staff, and while they aim slightly differently, they still do essentially the same thing, especially with the “primary” (left-click) attack being identical. What I’d like to see is Conflag getting a short area denial effect, akin to Incendiary Grenade. This would differentiate the two AoE staffs somewhat more, giving room for more tactical variance.


I actually agree,

While I thought like most the Beam Staff needed to be nerfed… I also believe the Conflag Staff needs a serious buff… its just not up to snuff. Its the Two Handed Sword for the Mage, ie… at current level its pretty subpar.

Its actually the same with the Bolt staff… this is supposed to be the single target Elite and Boss Mob staff, but it falls woefully short for that.

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Honestly, all her staves other than the beam need a buff. It feels like there is only one valid option for her staff right now.


conflag and fireball m1 are not identical. shoot once in to the distance with each and you’ll see. Honestly I just want it to be able to kill stuff reliably. If it also did something on top of that I think it would be great :slight_smile:

Probably resolving this bug would help

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You still would not be able to kill reliably. Non-crit aoe’s won’t kill the weakest enemies in the game reliably. It just needs a flat damage buff. badly lol


Yes! I was very surprised they removed the fire aoe of V1 after a full charged attack. It made the conflag staff so great in V1, either short casted aoe for the cc or full charged for damage cc and control.

i think that charge up speed and the size of the aoe need a buff first and after that maybe the damage.
the confla staff is a cc staff not a dps staff, dont get me wrong damage is always nice but i dont think its the first priority for this staff.
the problem with the confla staff is that the areas in almost all the levels are so big that your small aoe with too much charge time feels almost useless.
maybe its just me but in v1 the levels did feel smaller so that was not a problem.
and i think in v2 the combat is faster in general and a to slow meh sized aoe is not that useful.

Maybe beam staff needs a little nerf… but all other staff need buff.

conflag is literally the worst damage in the game per target. not just by a little bit either. if it can’t kill reliably and in a reasonable period of time then there’s no reason to use it. any of the other staves do a much better job. 6+ seconds to make sure you kill some slave rats with the aoe is pretty absurd :P. the damage has to be fixed. if they want to add additional stuff to it then great. i’m all for it.

fireball staff is actually really good. has decent single target and has the highest mass kill potential of all staves. killing 30ish things with one fireball is pretty awesome. the other staves def could use some love though.


When they inevitably nerf the beam staff, Sienna will go from meta to meme.

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Sooooo anyone know if conflag is gonna get fixed sometime soonish? I’m really tired of using beam staff.

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