Trauma staff stats are unbalanced and unnoticeable (peril generation, blast radius)

This staff is alright and has some great stagger, but it’s seriously underpeforming compared to the others. The blast radius stat and warp resistance stat don’t matter, like at all. Let’s take a look at 2 different trauma staffs.

  1. Blast radius doesn’t increase the actual circle in the ground, doesn’t matter if its 40% or 80%. It also keeps pushing away enemies close to the edges instead of killing them so I don’t really know what this stat does.
    Edit: As someone else said in the comments, the staff should pull enemies towards the middle like a black hole instead of the current state where it just ends up throwing enemies behind the backline.

Staff 1 with 79% radius

Staff 2 with 37% radius

  1. Peril generation for the secondary is way less on the tooltip than in reality. My most powerful one has 80% warp resistance, secondary should be 20% peril according to the tooltip. I think the peril resistance doesn’t currently work on the charging up, big oversight.

Staff 1 with 80% peril resistance. Takes 47% for a fully charged explosion.

Staff 2 with 39% peril resistance. Takes 50% peril. Just wow. 40% less peril resistance but it only uses 3% more peril! Are stats working as intended? Is this the case for all the weapons in the game? In this case balance might be broken as hell.


Yeah the conflag staff in Darktide is crap compared to the one in Vermintide 2. Needs a big buff for sure.

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They should change it so that it sucks enemies toward the center of the blast with an implosion rather than knocking them away. That would make it a much more powerful crowd control tool that sets enemies up for getting chain AoEed rather than throwing them clear of further danger.


Trauma Staff costs way too much yea

I think they tried to balance that, if aimed properly, it’s a hard knowckdown in 1 hit against almost everything, 2 hits against unyielding (can’t knock mutants down as far as i know)

But if what you want is CC then both Surge and Voidstrike do better, sure Surge is “just” stun and Void only a bit of stagger, but both can be spammed so much more so in the end it’s more CC, and and also higher dps

Although Surge staff is still bugged and makes you blow up if you reach 100 on cast instead of on charge+cast

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