Trauma Staff

Hi FS,

As a longtime Sienna player, the state of Psyker’s staves on launch are pure joy … except for Trauma staff. I’ve used Voidstrike, Surge, and Purgatus at all difficulty levels (and extensively in dif 4-5) and enjoy that they all have pro’s and con’s and are all viable and fun to use.

Current Trauma staff implementation is awful - damage too low, peril too high, effect truly annoying. Is it meant to be CC or Damage or both? Regardless of which it’s intended to do, the peril per charged cast is far too high vs other staves, the damage is weak, and the knockback is genuinely annoying.

Suggestion (‘cc’ focus):
Make Trauma staff do a knock-DOWN not a knock-BACK. Basically the psyker utilizes a huge amount of force crushing things to the floor. Longer stun at epicenter, longer charge increases the stagger value. That and a ~20-30% reduction in peril cost with current damage would be much more appealing vs Surge (better CC, worse damage). Obviously make it require full charge & epicenter targeting to down Crusher/Bulwarks (otherwise they get a minor stun to quickly shrug off).

Edit: To be clear, I’m trying to suggest a staff I’d see a real use for, or one that differentiates itself enough to be worth considering. The other three staves are great, Trauma has no niche in my eyes.


There is already a thread about this staff in this same subsection of the forum.

I definitely agree with its title :smiley:

Yea, the Trauma staff would be a lot better if it caused an implosion that pulled enemies toward the center of the blast radius.

Though to be honest, my biggest problem with it is the awkward ground targeting. I want a staff that causes a huge explosion where I actually aim it, even at long range.