SUGGESTION: Psyker/ Trauma Staff


(i take Trauma as Baseline for Pyker Staff since its the first one. Yes the Post is specificly for Trauma aswell, but it helps shows the Weaknesses for Psyker in General)

So i didnt like to use the Trauma since the Peril Gen is totally through the Roof.
However its lots of Fun and i kinda like it now. Its a Love/Hate Relationship
I used

  • Quietitude
    *Inner Tranquility
    *Psychich Communion
    *Kinetic Shield
    *Warp Battery/ Kinetic Flayer
    *Quicken (Ascendant Blaze i have to try out, but cant try a Crit Build around it…) maybe that would help?!

First problem is Trauma Staff you get only 2 Heavy shots…
Kinda Bad compared to other Staffs if you compare Dmg/ Dps etc

Warp Charges should not expire ALL AT ONCE
Suggestion:One stack after another would be much better. When using Quicken its okay of course to loose all of them. But most times you cant reliably get enough Warpcharges to Buff unlike “Surge/ Purgatus Staff”
SINCE you rely on Peril Reduction or Warpcharges in General, in other builds(Staff)

So you need Warpcharges to get Peril reduction, but you cant get consistently. Even in Coherency and all, with Trauma Staff. And you really need the Reduction otherwise ur only Quelling all the time. As you can see my Staff has a pretty Good Roll on it, but still.
Not loosing all Charges would help enourmously. Maybe make it a Staff Passive, so the other ones wont go bonkers?

Some of the higher Tier Talents i mixed matched but still not enough.

Suggestion: Peril Resitance should be per kill and not Charge. its 24% more Peril, means i cant really get off another shot with Trauma but it would still help tremendously as a safe zone. Also with 6x Warpcharges (Warp Battery) maybe wit would be Good. But then again Synergy loss

The thing is also if i use “Psykinetic Aura” i loose my ability to Gen less Peril which is totally needed on Trauma Staff. I have to check out but i can say right now its not as good since you loose the Synergy with Quickening. I wanna use my Staff not BB all the time to get my reduction… The Build fights itself so to speak.

Quickening Buff
Remove the need of Warpcharges to get all the reductions or lower them to 1-2WC.
Kinda like Kruber with his Ulti. It doesnt do DMG ro any other thing except Stagger. Would hepl out a lot aswell.
Again with Trauma u cant reliably generate WC´s but you really rely on them… :joy: to get more than one shot of or not Quelling and Exploding all the time :scream:

Stagger Blessing
Would be Good to have a Blessing with DMG Buff on Stagger since Trauma is all about that. Like on multiple other Weapons Ranged and Melee. I saw there are Crit Blessings for Trauma, but hard to say how reliable they will be.
You cant see Crit chances in any of the Weapons except on Surge Staff as far as i know. it only shows the DMG Numbers and not the actual Chance itself. That would help a lot to make decisions in General.

Peril Cap Trauma Staff
Make it so the Trauma Staff if your Holding and using it cant get higer than 50% flat, after Heavy Attack f.example. Would hepl a lot. Cause for what it can do and what you have to pay in Peril is not in any way fair.

Aiming Trauma Staff
shoud aim where your Crosshair is, right now its a pain in the a…
Also u take so much unnecessary dmg since you cant Focus the enemies you want. Only happens on the Trauma Staff. You see a Group of enemies on the Stairs and wanna shoot them, yes you can but you need like 5 mins and get shot in the meantime…


  • Warpcharges get removed one stack after another
    *Peril Resistance per Kill
    *Stagger DMG Buff Blessing on Trauma Staff
    *Cap on Peril Trauma Staff
    *Better aming Trauma Staff
    *Quickening Buff

So theres a Reason nobody uses Trauma Staff. It could be really damn Good and lots of Fun. I love to stagger and blow up everyone. You really feel Powerful as a Psyker.

Peril removed on Weakspot hit
its really weird, its kinda working. when i regenerate 4 peril normally and with Blessing i should stay at 1% its not working as inteded. Didnt we have that in V2?!
So its not like you can Light attack on Staff and slowly make your way up the Peril ladder.
2% get removed instantly but the other 1% takes longer to vanish. Its hard to explain.

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I would switch to Trauma staff if it just caused its detonation where ever it’s pointing at the time. The whole weird ground targeting is too awkward.

Ground Targeting is not so bad, the problem is the “Offset” of the Camera/ Crosshair.

My idea is you start aiming with Crosshair as your reference Point, then the AoE Circle should stay at that point. That way you can aim anywhere without being so weird as it is now.

YES WE HAD THAT IN V2, but its Darltide and we have so many Range Enemies now its better aiming is a must have on Trauma.

I still wouldn’t use that. I want a staff that simply puts a large explosion where I point it. Basically like the void staff except it explodes instead of passing through enemies.

I want the kind of weapon where I can splash enemies by targeting the ceiling above them or the wall behind them. to get around cover.

Yes, its what i wrote, like Voidstaff, aim with Crosshair, but without loosing the Animation it has.
Righ now the Offset makes it weird. Heavy Attack is not on poin with crosshair

Okay got lucky

this is what i have, sadly no Warp Nexus :persevere:
but i got the Soulblaze Blessing.
However its not working…

Soulblaze doesnt get triggered as you can see at the End of Video.

Wrack and Ruin should trigger when killing Elites doesnt matter if Ranged or Melee.
This would take away the need for BB and would make it Synergies more with other Feats.
If you wanna make it viable in Heresy or higher, you need:

*Wrack and Ruin (like i explained)
*Kinetic Overload
*Psykinetic´s Aura
*Ascendant Blaze
*Trauma Staff (Warp Nexus/ Blazing Spirit)

with this Combo you can do Ascendant Blaze from time to time and get stacks with the Staff from Blazing Spirits/ Wrack and Ruin and Kinetic Overload.

The problem is also that you need at least 6 stacks of Soulblaze to make it work as intended. Otherwise Enemies, especially Elites get Deleted before you DoT them to Death. The Tick Dmg is just not fast enough. I tested that with BB and Ascendant Blaze. 6 Stacks on Heresy that is.
Then its a Good start to make a nice Loop with Synergies.
If you put Blazing Spirit on Top its the Cherry that will probably make it super Good in the End.
Perfect would be 8-10 stacks on T4.

Wrack and Ruin should get 4 stacks aswell whatever you do!

Cannot say enough that Aiming is not good. When you stand still, the Crosshair and Camera tilts up and Down which is Good for aiming Lightshots, but when you Heavy attack, the AoE is way to low and to hit something at a medium to max distance you need to look into the air and thats just not good!