Trauma Force Staff: why does it even exist?

All other staves have reasonable differences. Trauma overlaps heavily with Voidstrike - both are doing explosions. Trauma has very awkward targeting, which makes it inferior to Voidstrike in pretty much all the cases.

The stagger trauma has is not rivalled by void strike.

Definitely not; Voidstrike staggers all the targets smaller than monstrosities, same as Trauma.

I think the problem of the Trauma staff lies more in the insane Peril generation on the M2 compared to literally any other staff M2, and how it requires charging at least halfway to do anything.

Trauma staff is like conflag staff, but garbage.

I think Trauma staff needs a much bigger AoE to make up for it’s expensive peril cost. Like double the base AoE and it’ll probably be good then, but as it stands it’s awful compared to all other staffs.

Because they copied vermintide 2 staffs and pasted them into darktide even though those powers shouldnt even be tied to staffs, psykers should be able to switch freely between powers.