Lightning\Explosion Boons. Delete\rework

Please, do something with that crap.

  1. It destroys ANY challenge
  2. It destroys all fun to other players.
  3. It make some classes stupidly OP in CW

Just look at this crap. It is cata!!!

I like CW, but this crap ruins any challenge and fun

And you dont need some super rare combination of boons. You need just class that already super strong in CW like WHC OE Sot and just single Boon.

I even passed Cata CW with bots. ME! With BOTS!

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I have heard about these boons and even received some of them in the Wastes but not once have they ever triggered for me, even when I have the 10% crit chance boon as well. I have never even seen a team mate trigger chain lightning. I always assumed they were bugged.

Yeh, some of the combinations are ridiculous.
Had a Pyro with twinned arrow and Addaioth’s Splendour, and she managed too kill everything to fast for even a pre-nerf, infinite javelin SotT to get any kills. I could grab a snack during a horde.
We were a premade, so we had a good laugh, but it’s only funny once.

That said, while I’d immediately support stacking limitations, like the second shot of Twinned to never crit, or to not get crit lightning with crit AoE, I believe the lure of the game mode is that you can become overpowered if you roll the dice just right.
I believe in this case, the base class being overtuned is also at fault. (just compare zealot to SotT)
And, of course, some classes just scale way better with random buffs, and I can accept that the game isn’t balanced for the Wastes.
I’d be nice if enemies also became a bit tougher near the end to raise to the challenge - the citadel is really just a relaxing stroll, most of the time.

Yea the lightning is pretty stupid. I have a very inexperienced friend in my group who generally gets carried hard and kills little yet he always gets damage dealt and overall kills if crit lighting falls into his lap even if he’s playing a class with no psynergy with it like Ranger Vet. I had a round the other day where I joined at the end of the level just prior to their last Shrine managed to scrape 340 coins together and bought crit lightning on BH, with just that and the buffs the team got for finishing each level I managed to pass them on the board (though we did have +hordes on citadel). The exploding one is much more reasonable since it affects range only, but the damage and stagger still takes all the threat out of the game.

I wonder if this is a good thing to do, half the idea with the wastes seems to be that you start the run underpowered but can reach a normal level or even silly overpowered with some luck.

Nerf explosive crits and lightning now? What is going be next? And dont tell me there isnt anything, there is plenty if we are asking “what takes all the challenge away”.

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Right most broken things in the Wastes are on internal cooldowns or are massive defensive buffs. Definitely comparable to adding AOE explosions or target hopping to crits which are already agreed to be way too impactful and powerful normally. Maybe a cooldown like the other broken abilities would make sense

Have you seen what an career with a direct combat ability does with a stacked cooldown setup? On waystalker i was literally using trueflight every few seconds , firing 8 arrows at that.

40% CDR, vereena, bloodshot, spirit arrows, drakira, ladrielle.

Similarly i saw a Grail knight with a high power setup and a lot of crit power kill a monster in 2 hits.

Ranger veteran(MWP) with twinned arrow or morgrim spam&double bomb.


Pyromancer things.

I would be glad if explosion on crits and lighting would be just deleted from CW, they are unfun to have and play with. On characters that are not crit based they are okaish but literally you can have delete all with 3 boons on everyone (self damage 100% crit gg fun)

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‘What about these COMBINATIONS OF BOONS’

Ok add critical lightning or range crit explosions to either of those (maybe not ranged crits on the grail knight) and now your 3 teammates are basically your traveling companions watching you dumpster everything else. When you need to be extremely disingenuous and alter the argument on the fly to justify these you’re in the minority camp. Day 1 people were annoyed by how they make the mode trivial with a single boon, not actually having to build anything of note. And then with any decent build the addition of those turns you into a deamon. Not comparable.

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The myriad ways of forcing criticals or very high critical chance is what makes these boons outstanding. There are no complaints for the explosion buff after killing an elite boon.

Look at this.
It is actually THE FIRST map

Aaaaaand no challenge at all already

It should be deleted or reworked.

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Twinned arrow with any user of MVP does not need anything else, goes for moonbow users too really. Bosses and elites just stop existing around them.

Ranger veteran needs no boons to enable morgrim bomb spam.

If you get duplication and morgrim that´s also a done deal i´d say.

oh and that one that gives you crit on taking damage has interesting synergy with pyro as well.

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And they still aren’t crit lighting so how you think you have a leg in this discussion is beyond comprehension. Especially with the twinned arrow, like the MWP and moonfire delete bosses out of the box already. Such a desperate attempt to pretend there isn’t some giant separate scale of power between these 2 boons and the rest, honestly it’s hilarious dude. Pulling items out of your butt on ult use at 50% odds on a minute or longer cooldown is not comparable to crits occurring every 5-6 hits and taking out an entire line of enemies with them bouncing them around like they got ran over by a footknight. And you know this

  1. It is not triggered by venting or FF
  2. you need to take pretty awful talent first. So without this boon you are such a garbage.

SoT WHC BH are pretty damn good as they are. And they become just aburdly powerful.

They do. All it takes is a wrath or a prophetic strike potion which are normally easily found.

Ranger veteran has a talent that refunds bombs 100% for one use each when he pops his smoke. And the 50% chance is easily raised to 100% if you carry only the bomb if you really wana make sure you get it.

For crits to occur every 5 hits regularly you´d need 20% crit chance which for the majority of classes i am fairly sure isnt guaranteed at all in the wastes.

And this is hyperbole, or overblowing how big a line of enemies is considering the zap bounces 4 times from the target you activate it on. …but it is certainly powerful if you can actually activate it with some degree of certainty like WHC or SoT does.

But on the likes of a bladedancer/ladrielle handmaiden, battlewizard, slayer or something? ehhh…

Well i stand by my point, sure there are obviously silly powerful things like leading shot engi with explosive crits i still think something like “vent for autocrit” pyromancer (auto ult refund) or a cooldown built WS are pretty competetive even if they dont just kill bosses as fast.

If you nerf one you´d have to take the others down too.

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Yes they need to be nerfed.

And some of them need to be buffed or deleted. Like 25% chance to not consume item.

Or this “push to dash” crap. It is soooo crap and it ruins your hero. Yes i want to dash right in the middle of the horde instead of pushing them. So useful thank you.


Right and if you want to make a separate thread and discuss those you are more than welcome. I don’t think there’s much dispute that some of the recent additions have totally flipped the game difficulty and balance and could use a nerf, but even if you do it’s not like it would mediate these things in this new game mode. Having 2/49 odds to win the game with either of 2 boons carrying from a first level seer alter or boss chest on is a pretty far cry from having shrine items you could dupe with a separate boon for erasing difficulty which was my point. Look at your counter for crying out loud, ‘oh it may procc and wipe out a bunch of enemies that didn’t really matter’ who cares they all still need to die to proceed and your next crits are literally seconds away or less on fast attacking crit abusing weapons and careers. Absolutely those weapons should be fixed but I don’t think you’re being genuine at all claiming things like the item barter are on the same power scale.

Also for the sake of variety I just want the stagger removed from range explosions since there is a separate range weapon trait exclusive to the mode that is only on crit staggers, like what is the point with this around.

Item barter&morgrim is likely the most convoluted&least likely to occur early of the options i proposed but i dont think the pyro, twin arrows or ranger veteran bombing ones are terribly far off.

Explosive crits/lightning are only really a problem in the hands of a very few careers, doesnt matter if you attack quickly with a built in 30% attackspeed boost like slayer on dual axes/hammers if you only have 5% crit chance.

Even waystalker with swiftbow cant really get any significant power outa explosive crits if she doesnt have any extra crit chance.

I´ve tried, the effects are very minimal, instead i got completely overtaken by exactly a pyro literally tossing burning heads without stopping until every single enemy in sight was dead. And bosses didnt die slowly to her by any means.

So yeah i do not think those two boons you´ve mentioned are alone in making CW content trivial, they might be the most obvious and straightforward but far from alone.

Item duping is good.

BUT it doesnt ruin fun for everyone else.
And Morgrims bomb too. 2 minutes CD on ult is a lot.

Twin arrows are good BUT

  1. It doesnt stagger the boss and all enemies around, so he still can go and whoop your arse
  2. it kills a specials\elites with one atack… Like average shot of BH or headshot. WOW…
    Sxplosion shot just destroys whole patrol and all trash around them with one atack
  3. It doesnt delete hordes from the game with one click
  4. Why it does SO MUCH damage to bosses? Just look at videos. OE was 400 Power.

It is triggered on venting or on self damage from aoe damage