Chaos Wastes chain lighning change suggestion

Chain lightning gets not triggered by criticalk hits. Instead its a charge that slowly builds up as long as the player doesn’t get hit. Once it reaches 100% the next charged attack release the lightning.


  • Easier to balance becausee its not tied to crit chance.
  • Rewards playing good. It recharges faster if you dont get hit.
  • Player has control on when to release it. Less RNG

right now chain lightning is like a free ticket for an easy chaos waste win (or at least it was so before the grudge marks came)

if the grudge marks gets toned down i would find the game more enjoyable if chain lightning was toned down as well

This transfers the problem. What about Sienna venting? What about the boons that actively cause yourself damage, or incentivise getting damaged? What about the Slaneesh curse that hurts over time?

I DO agree it needs to be not tied to crit chance though, same as explosive shot on Engi/SoTT lifestaff. The problem is what triggers it? Because I reckon there’s some class that will hopelessly abuse the Tempest somehow no matter how it is changed.

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I like your idea but i also like the current chain lightning.
I’d say make this into a weapon perk.
As well add burning, freeze and poison power ups as well.
Sheit, theres an infinite array of chaos wastes power ups and perk ideas, the potential is there though i kinda wonder if they have the production budget and or interest for it.

A timer is a good idea, but I wouldn’t have it function when you don’t get hit; still a better idea than the current crit function. That works more to the advantage of classes with a lot of dodge and stamina. Like others have mentioned, some boons, curses, and sienna’s venting could disrupt the build-up too often.

I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but I think it should function similar to bounty hunter’s blessed shots. Just have a 10 seconds cooldown between triggers and you get a guaranteed crit that causes lightning. This way it works advantageously for just about any class and any weapon.

In the current state, it’s extremely OP for crit classes and boons, but it can also be underwhelming if you’ve only got the base 5% crit chance and you’re using a slow weapon like executioner’s sword and Kruber’s longbow. A timer like blessed shots doesn’t depend much on player skill to use, besides timing your use of it, but it is a high-tier boon; it’s kinda fun sometimes getting a massive bonus.

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I was hoping the game could distinguish between damage sustained by yourself or by enemys.
Or make it just recharge slower on getting hit instead of pausing the charging. Of course in a slaneesh cursed level the boon would be worse though i wouldn’t mind that.

I admit i didn’t think about that though.

I mean if you give it a set charge time like 15 seconds (just as example), removing the “don’t get hit” condition, you untie it from everything. I think that would still be bether than the current implementation.

I really like the idea of freezing and burning boons.

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