[CATACLYSM] Huntsman + Longobow needs better BREAKPOINTS

premise 1: I will compare Huntsman to the other ranged careers, but I DON’T ask any nerf for them: the problem is Huntsman;
premise 2: I’m talking about Cataclysm;

-----------------------------------------------------WHY AM I ASKING FOR A BUFF?----------------------------------------------------

Huntsman Longbow is one of the most nerfed weapons with Cataclysm entry.
While Bounty Hunter can still bodyshot everything thanks free crits and Waystalker is the same headshot-machine (moreover she has gained Bloodshot, but we will talk later about this talent); Huntsman has lost more breakpoints, as the most important one toward SV.

Currently he can reach only three breakpoints:

  • Fire Rat

  • Gatling Rat

  • Packmaster, but only with 20% Skaven + 20% monster; we must give up to every crowd control abilites

---------------------------------------------------------WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?-----------------------------------------------------------

I’m asking for a buff because Huntsman + Longbow is still a good career, but overshadowed by the other ranged careers/weapons.

To be brief, I will do some example.

  • Waystalker + Longbow:

    • Currently with Huntsman I need a lot of headshots. But Elf Longbow is a faster, more versatile, more accurate and with more rate of fire bow! Without some solid breakpoints, Huntsman bow is a weaker copy without advantages;

    • BLOODSHOT (after one melee kill, you have 10 seconds to shoot a “double arrow”, so double damage). I love this talent… but it is an insult toward Huntsman.
      With 10% infantry, 10% armour, 10% chaos, 10% skaven and Bloodshot, Waystalker has a more versatile weapon that can bodyshot every Special + SV!
      Specials are a problem during hordes. And during an horde you have always this talent actived.

  • Bounty Hunter + CROSSBOW is already a better combination. Crossbow is a more versatile weapon (no delay to shoot, very good hipfire, greater precision) with the same breakpoints (it needs “15% versus” to bodyshot Flame and Gatling Rat) and the same penetration of enemies.

    • Already we have a better weapon, and if we add BH’s FREE CRITS: he can bodyshot everything (with a more versatile weapon) except CW and Banner Beast. If you don’t waste your free crits toward trash mobs, you have them ready for every Specials and almost every Elites.
  • Weapons like Brace of Pistols and Rep Gun have much more rate of fire and dps, and they can kill most Specials with 2/3 shots. It is faster shoot two BoP/Repgun’s bullets than one full charged arrow. Careers like Zealot (also thanks more power), WHC and Merch (also thanks a decent amount of ammo) have obvly more survivability and can be a better specials killer than Huntsman.


I’m not saying that Huntsman is trash or that he must be heavily buffed. Huntsman is a quite good career, but he has been overshadowed in his job from the other ranged careers. As written, he has been the only ranged career nerfed with the Cataclysm entry. I would just like to see some little better breakpoints.


Weapons like Brace of Pistols and Rep Gun have much more rate of fire and dps, and they can kill most Specials with 2/3 shots. It is more fast shoot two BoP/Repgun’s bullets than one full charged arrow. Careers like Zealot (also thanks more power), WHC and Merch (also thanks a decent amount of ammo) have obvly more survivability and can be a better specials killer than Huntsman.

FS should bind that weird zoom that stops you moving while aiming a shot to the special attack button, so you have to choose to use it, instead of being forced too use it after charging a shot for 2 seconds. It’s very annoying.

A damage per-shot buff for Krubers Longbow would be nice though.


You right.

Obvly I agree about to buff bow damage… but also the part about zoom is very important. Elf Bow zoom is much more natural…

At the risk of sounding pretentious, pretty much every class and weapon needs better breakpoints at the moment. Cataclysm just takes an already existing problem and makes it worse.


See children? That’s what happens when you increase difficulty by increasing HP pools even further. Horrible decision by FS. Any sort of balance goes out the window.


This can be true, in fact I have done another thread where I explain the “new Vermintide’s problems”.

But imho also in this situation, there are some careers more penalized than other ones.


I totally agree… there are more ways to increase the difficoulty, and Fatshark (imho) has taken the worst ones. This has messed up most careers. Moreover a game can be “hard and funny” or “hard and unfair”… and now we have the second one.


I’ve proposed Fatshark to add difficulty specific enemies/events and such as a way to also increase difficulty without relying too heavily on merely increasing numbers which Fatshark has done.

I hated Cataclysm in Beta and it’s another reason why I didn’t buy Winds of Magic when it came out. Other reasons being Weaves 120+ level match making stupidity, Beastmen faction feeling incomplete with only 1 map and zero Beastlord (Dark Omen relies on Skaven/Norsca specials lawlz) and so on.


I agree; for example this would have been a better way to increase che difficoulty.

I see you point and using only the bow, I would love to see it buffed, but it is not necessary. Hunstman has the best ranged amo sustain of all carriers with its passive and ammo on specials. If you take headshot grant 25 percent crit chance, and hunter, you get breakpoints for everything.

I run hunter/crit damage and what it is needed to os flamers and Gatling ( can t remember what the extra stat is… Skaven?)

Anyway, it doesn’t take long to get hunter, and everything dies in one shot.

And with 50% increased hs bonus, you slaughter chaos warriors, if you get a crit, which is kinda guaranteed, by how the crit on hs talent work.

Just hit the head 4Head
This is kinda trolling, but you asking for career made around headshots to have breakpoints for bodyshots


Well there is a reason while the first Keri ult isn t picked that much while really Great, it is not consistent to require only hs.

But with what I said earlier, you don’t have to aim for the head too often

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I don’t want to seem rude, but honestly I don’t know if you just “hate” me from the tHP thread or what… in an arrogant way, you have ignored that I have written and you have definited “trolling” a motivated post.

Said that, I will try to explain the situation. To balance a game there is one important key, called “high risk, high reward”: more risky is a “build”, more higher will be the reward if you play it well.

We are all agree that to score an headshot is harder and more risky than to score a bodyshot… but we haven’t an higher reward. The reward is the same because also a bodyshot from BH (thanks free crits) and WS (thanks Bloodshot) will kille the Special.

I don’t agree about this:

I’m not saying that his ammo regen is too bad (and I love the new talent “Shots crafter”) but RV, BH and WS have a better one. With Huntsman, if you want regen your arrows quickly, you must do a lot of headshots… thing that needs aim. With the other careers you have free and guaranteed ammo (none effort is needed).

  • WS has +100% ammo (HS only +50%); with her ult, she recovers 30% ammo. Moreover she has two talents that let her to spam this ult;

  • BH has “Scrounger + free crit” mechanics. This, one again, means infinite ammo;

  • RV has the bags.

You misunderstood me. I meant that my post may sound as trolling

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Hunstman has: free all on headshot, lots of amo on specials (your job) and unlimited amo with his ult.

So you are free to take Hunter, free 20% bonus damage

Yes, but you must do a lot of headshots… not always it’s possible. Anyway let’s make it easy. I haven’t the exact number of “ammo recovered per second”. BUT also BH, RV and WS have pretty infinite ammo, so it can’t be considered an Huntsman’s advantage. It’s kind of “every-ranged-career’s advantage”.

Ok, it seems like you’re intentionally trying to get something buffed which doesn’t need a buff by spamming it and hoping the devs keep seeing your feedback.

Noone else seems to be having an issue with Huntsman, but this is the 2nd thread I’ve seen from you, and you’re referencing a third earlier on.

In the other thread, which is now deleted, several of us made points as to why Huntsmans Longbow is still good because of the headshot/Crit mechanics, and you seem to have ignored all of it. I think you’re acting in bad faith now, so I’ve got to call you out.


Before you accuse, you should have proof; your post should be reported.

My last threads where I have asked a buff for Huntsman (and RV, in fact Handgun can be used also by RV) were posted into BETA SECTION, now closed and invisible. We have seen a good buff toward Handgun (in fact, into this thread, I haven’t written about it), while there hasn’t been any interesting buff for Longbow. So I have done a motivated post into the CURRENT feedback section.

I haven’t spammed or nothing near that, I have just answered to users.

That Huntsman is ok, it’s just a your opinion (I have written some motivations that you have ignored and the thread has received some good feedback) and anyway I don’t see the linked with my alleged spam.

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