Chaos Wastes - New Boons and Curses - Bring your suggestions

Yea, I could have added this to the other thread. But they are not tackling the same issues. And i kinda hope to get this to some kinda super-suggestion thread.

Most people describe in their topics how they would change the existing system of the Chaos Wastes in minor or less minor ways. And while I would also tackle this point at the end of this OP, it will not be the main focus. Main focus instead will be the suggestion of new boons and curses. Why? Because Chaos Wastes lives from the novelty and the different builds which you can get. And while 50 new boons sounds like a lot on first notice, we get about 10+ boons per expedition. So you have seen most of them really fast.
As such the first goal should not be changing what we have but rather expand on what we have, to further increase replayability. Since Chaos Wastes are also balanced differently (and by chance to a degree) there are no limits for these suggestions AND they can be implemented fast if they are technically feasible. So you can suggest whatever you like, no matter how outlandish it is or how boring (thinly veiled dps boons which are basically the same like hit causes bleed or poison) it is. Also slight variation of other people’s suggestion is completely okay. Just post suggestions for Fatshark to screen though and to get “inspired”.

And by nature of this thread, I will also make own suggestions (names are temporary because I will not spend time searching for a suitable god):

New Boons:

  • Talented: Doubles the effect of your main career passive - Unique
  • Nurse: Reviving team mates removes wounded state - Exotic
  • Invisible: Standing still for three seconds grants invisibility until moving again or being the last surviving player (attacking is okay though) - Exotic
  • Flexible: All your attacks counts both as melee and as ranged - Unique
  • Petrify: Ranged Attacks petrify enemies for 5 seconds but also makes them invincible for the time - Exotic
  • Taunting: Tagging an enemy draws aggression - Rare
  • Ignorance: Your hits ignore shields - Rare
  • Avenger: Increases your next attack proportional to damaged received - Rare
  • Swift Feets: 20 % chance that enemy hits counts as “dodged” - Rare
  • Commander: Can multi-tag severaö enemies, increasing ranged damage per 7.5 % per each tagged enemy on tagged enemies (WHC only?)
  • Into the Dongliz: All enemies have an additional weakpoint - Exotic
  • Augmented: Time dependent effects of the career skill are extended by 15 % - Rare
  • Bushfire: The radius of DoT attacks is increased by 20 % - Exotic
  • Hungry Flames: Fire DoT stays two seconds longer - Exotic (Sienna only)
  • Ranald’s Champion: From now on you will only find Boons of Exotic or higher rarity - Unique
  • Quick Drinker: Can activate potions without the animation effect - Rare
  • Improved Venting: Can actively vent while being in melee - Rare (Sienna only)

New Curses:

  • Pathways: You and your team mates see and have to walk different pathway (Wizard’s Tower and the bug in Holseher’s Tower showcase this being possible) - Tzeentch
  • Slaughter: Your attacks deal 10 % more damage and are 10 % faster but consume 2.5 % of your career skill bar per hit - Khorne
  • Greed: Pilgrim’s coins income will be increased by 50 %, however picking up Pilgrim’s coins stops any THP gains for 1 minute - Slaanesh
  • Midas: Picking up Pilgrim’s coins heals the player but players received DoT proportional to the total amount of coins the team holds - Slaanesh
  • Illusions: Illusions of nearby enemies can be seen which neither damage you nor can be damaged - Tzeentch
  • Voices: Do not hear any sound cues for spawning specials and monsters OR do constantly hear sound cues for specials even if there are none - Tzeentch

With this out of the way, I ask you kindly to write down your own ideas for new boons and curses.

As mentioned before, I will dedicate a small part for minor changes I could imagine for the Wastes.

  • Adapting Weekly Quests to work with the Chaos Wastes as well. So instead of just finding Grimoires the quest will progress if you find a grimoire OR beat a boss chest
  • Random weapon shrines offer two different weapons of which one must be taken (because we all have this one weapon we don’t like)
  • Random weapons have one more property (trait possibly to strong) than their upgrade counter-part
  • Beating an expedition grants you “Gods favour” which allows you to remove one ranged weapon, one melee weapon and two boons per career which will be removed out of the potential spawn pool
  • An event later down the line offers an unique expedition cursed by the Horned Rat

That’s all for now. So post your own boon and curse suggestions.



Great post! I’ll add ideas when I sit down to think of them but really enjoyed reading yours. CW is built for this IMO.


The only upside I can think for Weekly Quests being in the state it’s in now is it gives incentive for players to play Adventure mode. But doing both CW and Adventure mode would be cool.

Lots of neat suggestions. I think that with the current amount of boons right now, adding more would be fine and great. It hasn’t been over-saturated or anything yet.

I like the idea of new Curses too because some of them can be manipulated in your favor or they can be detrimental. Having that sort of potential due to player creativity and skill is really fun and interesting. It was one of the reasons I enjoyed the Light Weave, for example (lower max life, but faster attack speed).


i think some of those curses are a bit much, greed would just be a run killer and midas would be pretty hard to tweak imo.

I’d very much like boons that change how you play massively somehow, like whole career skill or attack replacement type things. Would need more flexibility so you aren’t randomly getting handed these boons, but stuff like
“Your career skill now sends out a seeking projectile that homes in on a tagged enemy and remains in place for 10s if they are killed”, with boons tweaking how that works if you roll it, or
“You no longer have a ranged/secondary melee weapon, but heavy attacks with your main weapon send out a damaging ray of energy proportional to the damage of the attack”.
To steal some ideas from hades, I think you could also do stuff like “Dodging now counts as blocking (shield blocking in particular, so boss attacks are blocked also)” or just playing around with mobility more. A big movespeed boost after dodging, extra effective dodges, stuff like that.

I’d generally like a bit more thematic tie between boons going forward, like we’re supposed to be going to the wastes to seek gods approval, but the boons just kind of seem like they’ve randomly got names attached to them? Can we even get boons from the gods our characters worship?
I’d probably prefer them to be tweaked to fit into an assigned group of gods in general, would be much much easier to come up with new ideas and new synergies that way. It’s one of the greatest strengths hades has, and it’s kind of bizarre to me that it wasn’t replicated to some degree here when they’re both fairly similar concepts that way.

I’d like curses to be a bit more interactive somehow too, maybe things like “Tallymans toll - Team must kill a certain amount of elite enemies within x period of time, or will be stuck with a damaging disease until the next requirement is met”, with numbers changing for difficulty obviously.

Slaanesh could play more into the perfectionist angle also, maybe giving a damage boost on headshots but rather large damage nerf on bodyshots, or rewarding you for avoiding damage while punishing you even more for taking it somehow?

Tzeentch is pretty hard to come up with ideas for without knowing what sort of assets FS would be willing to make. There’s a crazy amount of freedom there, but most of what he does is tied to flashy magical effects or specific spells/creatures somehow.


Yea. If anything they are kinda undersaturated. Some more wouldn’t hurt. So the more ideas the better. Although it is kinda hard to come up with something which is more “gameplay-altering” while not being to far off that people start feeling uncomfortable (like the dash on push attack boon).

At the moment just suggestions. Fatshark can screen and adapt if necessary.

Out of my head: Sigmar’s Comet. The rest i have to look up: Myrmidia’s Great Leveller, Valaya’s Brew, Taal’s Twinned Arrow, Lileath’s Grace. So yea, we can get them. Although they are not to thematic concerning the characters.

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Ranalds chosen: Your attacks deal random amounts of damage (really low min dmg and really high max dmg).


I want a boon that throws off disablers with a certain cooldown.
And another boon that does the same with saving you from cliffs :smile:


Generally I’d like there to be boons with downsides, lets just call them “cursed boons” or whatever. Basically it would have a massive upside but also some great down side.
Just to illustrate (no balance in mind here) you would get something like 50 % attack speed but you would also lose 50 % of your health for instance.
Honestly the effect could be anything from homing projectiles to generic stats but the caveat is that you would also lose something, potentially crippling you for the rest of the run.

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New boons:

Gifts of Ghyran
Bombs are changed to Acorns of Ghyran.
Acorns of Ghyran explode in a cloud of life magic that poisons enemies and heals you and your companions. The sudden burst of life also causes vines to grow from the ground, slowing down all enemies caught in the area.
Gifts of Ghyran removes Wrath of Kurnous from the table of possible boons.

Blessing of Ladrielle
Using your active ability turns you invisible for 3 seconds. Atttacking does not break stealth.

Ladrielle’s Protection
Taking any damage while your health is >=25% will turn you invisible for 3 seconds. Attacking does not break stealth.

Wrath of Kurnous
Bombs are changed to Spear of Kurnous.
The Spear of Kurnous goes in a straight line and deals bomb damage x2 to everything it hits. Has infinite cleave and ignores any and all armour. Tagging a target turns the spear into a homing missile.
Wrath of Kurnous removes Gifts of Ghyran from the table of possible boons.

Protection of Asuryan
When health is reduced to zero, Asuryan calls down a bolt of lighting that reinvigorates you back full health and destroys all enemies within 3 meters.
Can only happen once every 10 minutes.

Nature’s Farewell
Upon death, you leave a patch of green, bountiful grass where your body lies.
Standing on the grass restores green health to allies and reduces damage taken from all sources.

Ulric’s Fury
All critical strikes have a 5% chance to deal 3x more damage.



Nullify - The character has a % chance to dissipate magic within a fairly large radius around them such as storms and leeches, instantly stopping the storm or freeing a player, stopping nurgles ghost and so on.

Calming Zephyr - on ULT the character has a small radius of healing effect on allies, either permanent or temp health, OR boost ult charge rate of allies.

Stagger - ranged crits stagger and stumble elites, knock chaos warriors to their knees and knocking over SV.

Pack Hunters - a passive boon that gives increased damage for each player within proximity (opposite of the damage-share curse).

Ranalds whimsy - ranged weapons have a % chance to fire a barrel instead of ammunition ,would be useful to actually have a reason to pick 300% barrel boon.

Ranalds comedy - ranged weapons have a % chance to fire a baby pig (PIGMAR HAT) instead of ammunition. Purely because I want to see a CW killed by a small pig bouncing off it’s head.


Descending Dread - every elite kill darkens the skies, gradually reducing visibility maybe to the point of darkness of Heresy. Maybe an item fits in the potion slot that is a beacon of Sigmars Light in the darkness? One player to carry. Of course it could be just torches.


There are a few boons suggested which are pretty clever, a few which are obscenely strong and a few I think we have more or less already in the CW game mode O.o

I think a venue which is also interesting to look into is character or even career specific boons to emphasize the differences in playstyle (like the suggested Commander boon being only for WHC). Maybe also lock more boons out from certain careers if they synergize TOO well.


  • Into the Dongliz: All enemies have an additional weakpoint - Exotic
  • Augmented: Time dependent effects of the career skill are extended by 15 % - Rare
  • Bushfire: The radius of DoT attacks is increased by 20 % - Exotic
  • Hungry Flames: Fire DoT stays two seconds longer - Exotic (Sienna only)

Fool’s Gold: As long as you don’t take dmg you increase the amount of Gold you pick up, but if you do take dmg you loose the additional gold [ie: normal gold on pick up=70% + fool gold on pick up 30 up to 60 %] Unique

Gork will fix it: as long as you don’t block a hit you start picking up speed, if you do block you get a speed malus

Mork want ya: Periodically grab a random enemy to make crush

Cunningly Brutal: Lower normal Dmg but augment probability of Crit or Increase the attack capacity of light attacks

Brutally Cunning: Increase the Dmg but lower Crit probability or Increase the attack capacity of heavy attacks

Full of Malice: Taking hits [block or not] increase the dmg and speed of the next few attack

Aqshy’s Fury: Basic chance to set enemy on fire [additive so work on Sienna]

Edit: Fixed some problematic


I am not sure since I don’t have issues with your english normally. But some of these sentences are kinda strange, so I am not 100 % sure what you mean. For example:

Dog, like the animal dog?

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I think I was talking with a friend about dogs, may be due to that, I’ll try to edit it quickly

Also, English isn’t my 1st language so sometime I get confused

I know why it was written Dog, it was supposed to be Dmg (Damage)

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Now looking on it. I could have figured out that you mean damage -_-

Anyway more suggestions:


  • Ranald’s Champion: From now on you will only find Boons of Exotic or higher rarity - Unique
  • Quick Drinker: Can activate potions without the animation effect - Rare
  • Improved Venting: Can actively vent while being in melee - Rare (Sienna only)


  • Illusions: Illusions of nearby enemies can be seen which neither damage you nor can be damaged - Tzeentch
  • Voices: Do not hear any sound cues for spawning specials and monsters OR do constantly hear sound cues for specials even if there are none - Tzeentch

To me this sounds better as a shrine effect that can be bought for single map.


Nagash’s Will: Each enemy you kill has a chance to be temporarily revived and fight for you.


Well, that’s why it is an Unique Boon. So chances are not that high to get it. Also if you don’t get it early on it runs risk of being kinda useless.

But yea, just a suggestion. Chaos Wastes have a lot of potential for strange boons. Meta-boons are kinda difficult though as they are potentially to powerful early on and useless later on.

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‘Kislev’s Lore’ - Critical kills on enemies turn their bodies to ice and leave them standing. If struck again, the statuesque cadaver will shatter, dealing damage and leaving an aura of slowing in a small area within its wake.

‘Mork (or Gork’s) perseverance - when above 50% health, Stamina decays over time but you gain 50% attack speed. When below 50% health, gain 50% increased stamina regeneration.

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  1. Stealth potion: this should be used in a complicated situation where you have to save your teammate, flee, or remove the agro from a patrol, currently lasts 5 seconds which is very little.
  • I propose to increase its duration to 10 seconds.
  1. Poison aegis: it is currently useless in the majority of situations. Its use is for very specific moments. The duration is fine, but it would add more effects.
  • My proposal is that the aegis potion makes you immune to warp damage (globadier, ratling, stormfiend, warpfire throwers …) also to the degenerative damage of the tornado of the blightstormer, the tornado can catch you but does not damage you when you leave it. In exchange for a reduction in time of effect.
  1. Djaf harvest (rare): currently to get the effect, you have to give 3 consecutive melee shots in to the head, this is very difficult even with weapons like rapier, and the effect is really very difficult to obtain, nobody aims 3 times consecutive to the head in the middle of a horde of goats.
  • I propose to change this: when hit 10 / 15 headshots (melee and ranged) you increase your power by 10% for 10 seconds. Headshots stack and if you hit elsewhere you don’t lose stacks.
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