Chaos Wastes simple update concept

Yo just joined this forum place cuz i planned this update in my head and its so cool i wanted to share it, i dont even know if this is the right place to share this but lets see.

Cursed Chest of Trials: Basically the same as a normal chest but enemies are buffed ( similar to halloween event skull thing ) and it rewards you with a Cursed Boon.

Cursed Boon: Extra powerful boon ( maybe limited to 1 ), which also has some big downsides:

-Using your career skill grants all nearby allies a free use of their career skill
Curse: Using your career skill incapacitates you for 5 seconds
-All nearby enemies take damage equal to 200% of your healing done
Curse: Taking damage reduces healing by 70% for 15 seconds ( just some ideas )

Legendary Chest of Trials:
Chest of trials with new encounters that grants a new tier of boon:

-Pushing creates a shockwave staggering even the strongest of foes
-All of your damage applies a bleed
-Blocking an attack reflects 50% of the damage back to the attacker
-Killing an elite spawns a skeleton for 10 seconds, max stacks 3
-You can break free of any grab if you survive it long enough ( maybe like 4 seconds )

Then to some features that im surprised arent in the mode yet:

Loops: Runs can be looped once instead of finished at the end of the expedition, making enemies harder, grudge marking all bosses ( maybe 2x aswell ), cursing all maps but retaining all upgrades and boons.
Loop victory grants 2 max tier chests ( of the difficulty you are playing on ) and the same amount of xp as the first run ( and new challenges would be added as rewards too )

Boon stacking: Most boons can be stacked ( to work with the new loop system ) doesnt apply to some boons with complex efects. ( chances to get the same boon are small until you have nearly all of them )
x2 Standing still grants 60% damage reduction: You take 100 damage → 40 damage ( 60% more from a stack of the same boon ) → 24 damage

Ability to give coins to teammates at a store. Just way too many times i have been short like 3 coins.

Custom Modifiers: The host can apply custom modifiers to shake up gameplay, reducing or increasing rewards based on choices.

God Run: All boons grant 1 random extra boon of the same rarity - 50% xp decrease half chest rewards
Little Help: All players can choose 3 starting boons out of 5 - 25% xp decrease -1 chest reward
Skeleton Army: Killing enemies spawns skeletons, max 5 per player ( Necromancer skeletons are seperate ) - 70% xp decrease half chest rewards

Trials: Normal Trial Chests give all 3 rewards but spawn double the enemies - 5% xp decrease
Illusion: Everyone can play the same hero, but not the same class - 10% xp decrease -1 chest reward
Randomizer: Using your career skill grants you a new career skill of a random class - 15% xp decrease -1 chest reward
VIP: Every enemy will target a chosen player, if the player dies the run is failed

Misery: Taking damage ends the run and losing doesnt grant rewards or xp - 700% xp increase +20 chest rewards
Real Monsters: Every monster has grudge marks - 50% xp increase +2 chest rewards
Chaos Gods Curse: All maps are cursed by the chaos gods, curse effects are more frequent - 25% xp increase +1 chest reward
Curse of Gold: Take increased damage equal to your pilgrims coins - 30% xp increase + 2 chest rewards
Curse of the Shopper: You must buy at a store, or lose 50% of your current health - 10% xp increase
Endless Horde: Hordes keep coming, one after the other - 100% xp increase +2 chest rewards
Fear: Darkness surrounds you, you are granted a torch - 50% xp increase + 1 chest reward

Sorry for the wording, i wrote this as a fake patch note for fun. The numbers are ofcourse just a proof of concept I think modifiers could be locked behind challenges or some sort of currency that you can earn from victories, giving you more reason to play. I hope atleast some of these ideas sound cool, personally i think atleast different chests, boons and modifiers should be added. I do understand if looping and stacking is too complex to add, and i do also understand that chaos wastes isnt on the top of the priority list ( probably ).

Almost forgot, bots should have coins and they should buy anything you ping them to buy.