Some Chaos Wastes feedback

Chaos Wastes Stuff

  • Overall it’s great! Just leading with this because despite this being a laundry list of complaints/suggestions, I have a lot of fun with the mode.
  • Add a catch-up mechanic. Basically provide Coins, Boons, and Weapon Power so that a late-joining player isn’t severely behind. (Late-joining should trail behind typical progression a little, but only by a little.) Rejoining remains unchanged (the match does remember your stuff, which is nice).
  • More boon synergy. It can be hard to assemble a really great set of synergistic boons, since you don’t control these quite as much as some other games where synergies are the central focus (Slay the Spire). One way to improve this is to have players choose a boon at campaign start, and it’s always above a certain rarity (but only if your last run completed at least 2 missions). Alternatively, just have more player-chosen boons in general. Alternatively Boon Shrines are aware of what things synergize with what other things, and are more likely (not guaranteed) to give you good synergies.
  • Add a second Nurgle Wand. You know that wand that protects you from Nurgle rot? Well there should be two wands on the larger missions because it’s painful to be forced to stay that clumped throughout the entire mission. (Yeah it’s definitely not the roughest debuff in the world, but a second wand just ensures this flows better, since larger missions often have multiple paths that each have coins/items you want your aprty to find.)
  • Remove the campaign layouts with fewer decisions. Just deprives those campaigns of some interesting decisions.
  • Delay Nurgle’s Hex. When you kill a hexed enemy it should take ~1 second before the gas appears and begins damaging players. Currently it feels basically instant and nearly unavoidable in melee. (Either that, or have the first few ticks do considerably less damage?)
  • More options to increase difficulty? Boss chests are a good mechanic, but sometimes it feels like you can just be runaway OP with some of the combos and it’d be nice to have boon options that sacrifice strength
  • New Career-specific Boons? The goal would be to balance careers better, since there are ones that are insanely broken due to how good some combinations can be (Pressure-Stacks-Never-Expire Engineer) while others are nowhere near that good. So then Engineer would get something new, but something that isn’t especially amazing/multiplicative…but then careers with worse synergy would get new boons that let them be just as broken as the most broken builds.

General Stuff

  • Hotkey to ready up in lobby. Please!
  • Reduce Starfire friendly fire. Is this the most team damage you can take from a single mistake? (Not counting oil barrel fire)
  • Bulk Loot Box unlocking. Alternatively accelerate how fast spacebar fast-forwards through this animation (and also tell players they can hold spacebar to fast-forward at all, since I’m sure a good portion of people aren’t aware).

Minor Stuff

  • Interact responsiveness. There’s an extremely short but kinda irritating ~150ms delay when picking up items like Pilgrim Coins, which just feels slightly bad since your camera doesn’t rotate during this time.

I got some feedback…release it on console

You mean the thing they’ve already said they’re doing and are no doubt already working on?

Very helpful feedback for FS I’m sure.

And I would like to add with the current implementation and how few boons there are in game, most boon shrines should prolly give at least two choices so you dont make it half a run with either negative or useless boons exclusively, making you want to restart while you friend is rocking his BiS.

The instant damage is really punishing, not getting explicitly hit but almost dying twice even when backdodging on kill, when doing citadel a few nights ago felt really bad, unless you have a coordinated group or a lot of expendable ranged shots, this is a very rough curse to deal with in certain places, alternately flamestorm sienna trivializes the entire curse.

yes, and also more boons in general, I know its a big ask but to have both imba and bad boons in rotation, you prolly need to almost double the current boon pool if not more.

A few actives hit harder I think but yeah its overtuned

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