Chaos wastes feedback and some sugestions

Loved it, been playing non stop for the second day and i am liking it a lot and so are my vt2 friends.

What i loved the most : scenarios
even though we repeat them a lot some areas are huge and have many ways the engine uses them for route randomization.

The weapons are very very good also, i loved each one of them, even the krabman spear is great.
The new mutators are excellent, a big step forward from the weaves (that i didn’t hate, i just felt like there was a lack of player sided advantages)

minor discontempt: some low framerate at specific locations wich i havent memorized the name for, one being the map maker tower and another being the city of something something, but only slightly, could be worse on lower end pcs though.

the power ups are fan-freaking-tastic, favorite is easily chain lightning but i also like the explosion on ranged crit since it makes saltz guns feel like i am shooting a .50 cal.

I feel optmist about the future of this game (and company) and for future content i will split into what i hope to be free and what i am ready and willing to pay for:

free: more locations within the chaos wastes, in the same quality of the ones avaliable, more skins for characters and weapons, a better crafting system for the main game (just make the forge work like the athanor and call it a day)
More power ups within cw and mutators if possible.

Paid: more enemies, i would actually pay for extra enemies dlc, make it possible to get an extra bonus reward at the end of a mission if you enable said enemies in the session.
More skins and cosmetics, thats also great, as long as it is in-character / lore friendly and not visually cluttery (like killing floor 2 cosmetics for a bad example)
gestures : thumbs up, down, clap, shrug, pointing fortward, pointing backwards (as if saying stay behind me) taunting enemies (like bruce lee famous ‘bring it’) again, nothing too fancy, nothing out of character, just simple and fast, possibly easy to implement (on the social wheel) some even while you are walking, it could add another venue for you guys to make a profit for all your generosity.

Now for enemies you probably have something in mind already but in case those 2 aren’t there allow me to include them
1: necromancer, basically a blightstormer that keeps reviving the same horde of rat/northlander/beastmen in skelleton form until dealt with.
2: chaos dwarf
some sort of evil iron breaker whose like a mini boss (get it) possibly owner of the blightreaper who keeps asking for it back at every encounter, make him sometimes attack other enemies if they get in reach and upon defeat he could drop some special ammo, unique bombs, also make him and ub5 exchange some lines or two for banter sake.

and lastly give enemies some top tier banter as well, its not fair that the elf holds the monopoly on offenses when enemies not only do not like you they are probably aware of who each of the ub5 are, make chaos warriors and other elites drop a “you will join your family soon soldier” to krub for example, this game writing is so good but its all one sided, enemies should have the same quality to them as our beloved heroes and the banter should hit close to home if possible (like a faster version of what happened in castle drachenfels).

tl;dr: is good.
keep it up
great job!