Waiting to play

This game is awsome im really enjoying it when it works, ive got countless hours on VT 1 & 2 and still play VT 2 regularly. the combat is great, I love slicing through hordes, there isnt a weapon i dont like, I think the melee side has improved on what was already the best melee combat in any game ive played with VT 2. There are things I dont like though and its stopping it from being that great game i was hoping it would be and im holding off recomending it for now my issues are:

The preformance I know this will improve over time but when you crash at the very least once a match it becomes frustrating even on low settings i crash randomly and given the long load times becomes much more of an anoyance.

the level selection is terrible, im not a fan of the blackout modifier its just a personal preference and when all Damnation & Herresy missions come up with blackout on, the idea of waiting x amount of time to play the game, a mission i want with the modifiers is silly I know they were going for somekind of Deep rock system but there is so much more varitey it works it dosnt here. Also the timer to start a mission please remove it in previous games you set the mission and waited until people joined then set off together bring it back please, like a port kind of thing where you all go into the carrier together like the waystone in VT2.

On that note the hub area is also dull it’s just too big with no life, yes youll be filling it with emotes over time and there will be Ogryns dancing everywhere and people spamming “for the Emperor!” and the tone of the game will be utterly destroyed I cant wait.

The shop is frustrating too, Ive played the game now for 58.7 hours soley as my Zealot and ive just got the knife which ive been wanting to get but ive had to continuosly go back and forth hoping ones there same for the headhunter rifle I waited and waited finally i got one to find it wanst suited to my play style. I love the new rng stats of weapons its a massive improvement I think but let me at least have each weaopn available regardless of stats then if i like them i can slowly save and upgrade them.

Im not particlarly bothered by the skin store I knew there would be backlash and it would change, the vendor however irritates the life out of me Ihope you have more skins than VT 2

Ive noticed that enemy rifle men seem to be able to shoot through pox walkers as if there not there, ive had a fair few clutch moments where ive been the sole survivor backed off to funnel the horde only for a load of laz gun shots and bullets going through them and terminating me, I dont like feeling cheated, one of the things i loved about the VT games is that it was fair if i died it was my fault not because of some magic the game pulled to kill me.

The major issue is waiting 58.7 hours like I said but how much of that have i spent waiting for a mission I like, waiting for the weapon I want, Waiting to rejoin after a crash. Ive spent more time scrolling through youtube waiting for the game to start than i have in my life. if this game had come out as anearly access title then yes I wouldnt be as frustrated but i bought the full Imperial Edition because I have faith In fatshark. There are things i know will change there are things i know wont these are after all my individual annoyances. The stuff i bring up here are the bug ones for me stopping me truly loving this game I want to love this game and im sure in a years time I will, I know my criticisms arnt anything new and im sure most of them will change over time I will just have to wait

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