Chaos Wastes Minor Suggestions

Hello there!
After dedicating certain amount of time to Chaos Wastes I’d like to share several ideas of how to improve some aspects of this game mode. Also there are polls if you’re in the mood to vote.

  1. Option to share character build at the end of the run.
    I’m sure everyone here has been in the situation where they have obtained some crazy super overpowered combination of boons and weapons, but had no chance of showing it to the world. Thus, I suggest two options.
    First one is a result screen at the end of the run similar to the one that Hades game has. Player can see list of weapons, boons and miracles used in the run and either make a screenshot or abandon it. Plain and simple.
    Second one is a button that allows to export character build in xml or json format or a link as it is done in website By pressing that button player can either create a file in some folder or copy a link into a buffer and then upload it into Vermintide website to get a result that can be shared with everyone. For example,
Sharing Character Builds
  • Screen with result at the end of the run
  • Website and output files
  • Website and links
  • I don’t have friends to share builds with

0 voters

  1. Option to reconnect to last looby.
    I’ve been in a lot of situations when a disconnect happens at the latter missions of Chaos Wastes run. And it’s quite frustrating to be thrown away from a good lobby with decent players. It would be nice to have a special button to get back in the disconnect run somewhere in lobby browser.
Reconnect to Last Lobby
  • Yes, please, I’m tired of searching for the last lobby in the browser manually
  • How about no
  • I mostly host games and don’t really care

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  1. Cancellable boons and miracles in shops.
    It’s not that necessary option, but it would be lovely if players could cancel current buyings by clicking them again. That’s about it.
Cancellable Buyings
  • Yes
  • No (I’m da smart boi)

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  1. Reduced time of terror events.
    From my experience terror events such as rituals or arena fights can go in two ways: the party either gets wiped in a first minute or faces wave after wave of unneseccary enemies painfully waiting for it to end. I think the time of events can be reduced in half without any harm to gameplay process.
Shorter Terror Events
  • I like my games quick and intensive
  • I prefer things the way they are now
  • Actually, make them longer

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Thank you for your attention!

Regarding sharing builds: The way I share builds right now is I just tell my friends about them. It’s a fun social thing, I don’t think I need an actual JSON export of my build. It’s all RNG so it’s not like anyone can reproduce it intentionally.

Regarding the disconnects - I’d much rather not be disconnected in the first place. If Fatshark were to prioritize anything I would want it to be reducing the disconnects / crashes. After all, why build a feature around a bug?

Regarding un-buying things in the shop - yes. You should be able to change your selection as long as you haven’t hit “ready”. I think once you hit “ready” though you should be locked in, to prevent trolling on the shared items. Alternatively, have a confirmation of some kind, make the purchase a double click - click once to select, click again to buy. Either way would be fine, but irreversible single click UIs are kinda bad UX IMO.


There are multiple other reasons that can cause players to crash/disconnect than just the random bugs. Reconnect should honestly be pretty basic feature when hour worth of content can be lost without it.

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