A (hopefully) comprehensive analysis of Chaos Wastes' game mode

Many informations, feedbacks and critics to Chaos Wastes have been already expressed in other topics.

This one is a tentative to collect all of them, with my personal opinion about this game mode. I played it a lot lately, both in Legend and in Cata, either in premade and in PUGs.

I’ll express my considerations in a point by point basis for clarity’s purpose.

General Concept

The idea is quite fun: a series of semirandom maps, from rags to riches, acquiring coins to get stronger. It gives you a sense of growing and it’s a nice alternative to the adventure mode.


The maps are in general quite good.
Events while repetitive are quite engaging and not boring.
I like the fact they are semirandom with different paths (with some notable exceptions in some maps).
My only complain is about Pit of Reflections which is too stingy with coins.


This is the first problematic point.
While the general idea is quite nice, the implementation is not.
I understand the need to vary the game because it’s a roguelike mode, so we can have different layers of difficulty.

But we have a too wide range of curses.
Nurgle are in general boring and annoying. Khornadoes are just unfun .
Tzeentch’s curses are just plainly bad. Slaanesh’s bubbles are the farmer’s dream.

Weapons’ system

The fact you need to pay the full price for upgrades regardless the rarity of your weapon is just bad game design. You are forced either to play with white weapons for a long time or to be short of money when getting Boons, so you can fall back the other players and feel weaker and not necessary.


Boons are the most discussed feature and with reason.
They range from outrageously good to very bad.

Some of them are so situational that requires specific weapons or careers to be functional, otherwise they are just a waste of money.
Other ones are so good you can speedrun all the levels.
The gap is too wide.


While interesting and fun, Chaos Wastes is mode flawed by some poor choices regarding game design and need a bit more polishing.

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Goes for that forest map too…was it called “The Forbidden forest”? I´ve gone through there getting only 200-ish despite flipping it all upside down. And i wana complain about that lost city of something being too darn long compared to the other maps.

The only one that can compare in length i think is that mountaintop one that also has a convo ritual event but it´s usually shorter.


I think miasma is awful to play, the others are alright since spooky is vulnerable to a lot of stuff while you can dodge backwards just as a gascloud pops to dodge the damage.


Khornado is the bane of all engineers, may they rest in cogs, i do not mind the other two myself.


I absolutely detest bolts of change for how hellishly it ramps difficulty during horde maps but the other two curses i do not mind.


Probably my bad luck talking but i often watch my teammates die trying to farm bubbles only to eat 2 or 3 explosive barrels to the face. While standing ontop of eachother.

I did that once and never again, thank god waystalker piercing arrow refunds it´s cooldown while shooting those.

I agree with the rest, especially how the weapons economy limits the happiness you can get while playing since you usually will never be able to afford progressive upgrades and boons at the same time.

There’s not enough incentive to progressively upgrade your weapons with shrines. You go in with a weapon set that works at low power and save all the coin you can to spend at the shops.

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Right, some boons are so powerful your weapon power is almost irrelevant, so it’s just a matter of getting as many boons as possible as a team so that someone can get one. Then you usually have enough dosh to get a red or two on the last level.

I sometimes go for a yellow rarity shrine but only if I plan to not get red for that slot.

Part of the problem is also traits / properties. Your traits and properties can (sometimes) make or break a weapon and they’re all completely random. I have to reroll reds in the keep like 20 to 30 times to get the traits I want and there’s no way that would ever fly in chaos wastes. Not to mention the chance of traits like inspiring shot (stamina on headshot) which are so niche as to be worthless.

But like I said, if you get the right boons your weapon doesn’t matter.

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