Chaos Wastes - Chest of Trials and Shrines should have the same boon rarities for all players

One of the annoying issues in Chaos Wastes is how one or two players ascend to Godhood, and the others are left in the dust. I’m sure many players can recall the experience of escorting whatever DPS of choice while they murder everything before you get a chance.

One way to change the disparity would be to ensure the team reaps the rewards when a good or bad roll shows up where boons are fixed, by making it so the three boons that show up in Shrines or CoTs are the same tiers for everyone. Not the same specific boons, obviously, just the same rarities.

Heroes of Hammerwatch, another roguelite, uses this same approach when you open chests to get items of different rarities. If an item drops, it is the same tier for everyone – what white or blue or red you get is up to RNG, but it means everyone gets (roughly) on par something equivalent, instead of some people just getting Hand of Shallya and Shrapnel while others get Tempest and Anvil.

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While a nice idea, the one problem I already see is the definition of ‘good’. For example if I play a Slayer, the rares legenday exotic super boon that affects only ranged weapons would be a total waste of slot for me. I think this whole flat random nature of CW is actually intended - just like flat random rates from reward chests are.


I thought Chaos Wastes RNG boon system etc. is the reason for its replayability. That does include having runs with super bad boons and then the next run you might get good boons again.


I don’t mean that the shrines/chests should have the same tiers every time you go through, I just mean the tiers should be rolled once per party as opposed to per individual, e.g.,

Shrine 1 could give blue, blue, orange, then the next time you play it could give blue, red, orange, etc but just ensure it’s the same for everyone, instead of rolling that individually.

You’d still have runs where you get godrolls and runs where you don’t, but it’d be the same experience for all the party members.

I think it would be better to fix the broken boon/curse combos first. If the whole team gets 4 rare boons that suck, then I’d be wishing we had at least one team member with something decent. That DPS boon player is better than having all garbage.

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