Chaos wastes: Random boons and mob density changes

I’ve played a good few runs now, tried it on a bunch of classes, and I’ve also played a good few rogue likes and here’s really where chaos wastes gets frustrating at times.

Random boon, 200 coins for a chance of absolute garbage is unreasonable, there’s some really subpar perks but sometimes you get something like natural bond on zealot, or bonus penetration for x seconds after picking up ammo on… anyone. makes the appeal of taking a boon over just saving for shrines close to zero.

And if random boons doesn’t get changed at any point, please let us sell boons for some meager amount at least, so we can get something back out of boons that are trash for a class/build. Might even provide a good metric to measure what boons people actual enjoy.

The hordes feel sparse, and small. I’ve just been spamming Champion and the number of mobs in them doesn’t seem threatening. Like there should just be more mobs at all points of a run, and by the last couple levels it feels too easy for Champion.

I agree that a boon-selling shrine would be nice. The higher the quality of boon the more coins you receive, a-la Hades.

As for the hordes, there’s not much to tell you beyond go play legend. Champion ain’t that hard if you’re an alright player.

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He’s comparing it to adventure mode I believe. Your logic works unless you’re a Cata player. In that case, there’s nowhere to go.