Kerillian Shade career skill bug

Hey guys,
got a problem with the shade career skill. It sometimes wont activate, no matter what I do. I am pressing the button several times (longest was 40 times) I tried putting it on different buttons to see if it was just my setup, but it doesn’t change anything. It usualy never happens outside combat, even though it did 1 or 2 times, but happens nearly everytime in combat. It is really annoying if you can’t control when to use the skill and just have to wait to be lucky when it suddenly activates after the 20th click and I am invisible in the most useless situation. It happens nearly every time I play shade and by now I refuse to play her, because the utility is gone without properly planing the career skill. It seems to me that it occurs more and more often, the higher we get in the weaves, since about 1 week ago it never happens and by now every single time.
So my question is, am I missing something? Is it a bug or did you change something? Because I don’t see a pattern, it happens in many different situations, sometimes I took damage and can’t use it, sometimes I am still burning from a flamer and can use it, so no real pattern for me.

Thanks for your help and support,


Are you using the dash? I’ve had lots of issues with that one including being pulled out of invis without even doing anything yet.

Yeah, happens to me all the time with dash infilitrate. It just won’t activate, even on even terrain (Skittergate boss arena) and even when not pointed at an enemy.

Yeah, with the dash, sorry forgot to mention. Yes exactly the same problems you guys mentioned.

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